Magic or cardistry?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Toby Langdon, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to get everybody's opinion about which you prefer, magic or cardistry.
    I know these are two quite different things but if you had to do one for the rest of your life, which one and why?
  2. I do both for different reasons. I have a project that I'm doing that involves a lot of cardistry so I'm on a HUGE kick for that right now until the end of the year. But after that project is done, I'm diving headfirst into my 2 Ray Kosby DVDs

    I'd much rather do magic if I had to pick one. My goal is to be a children's hospital magician because magic can be quite a healing force.

    And of all the people that NEED magic in their lives, children in a hospital rank very high on that list.
  3. Depends Magic is a lot easier to perform in the streets while modern cardistry looks a lot better on camera depends on what you want to do i personally do both. but i think i would choose cardisty no sure maybe magic but probably cardistry
  4. I like to mix them. I like to mix cardistry into my into my magic routines. But I would have to go with magic if I had to choose.
  5. I first learned magic from jugglig, one day I found an odd coin (Australian half) and I learned to roll it down my knuckles. after that I learned to make it vanish. now I'm obsessed with the physical manipulation of objects and magic itself just comes sort of secondary.

    I honestly cant imagine one without the other, i'm like the buck twins, my flourishing is magic and visa-versa. (I don't claim to have the epic skill of d&d, just a similar method)
  6. I personally use cardistry to enhance my magic, or to get people interested in seeing me perform for them. So if I had to choose I'd go with magic since I believe that there are some things that magic can deliver to an audience that cardistry can't really deliver to an audience.
  7. Magic. Unless you are narrating some kind of story/plot during your cardistry that matches the moves.
  8. I used to have the same idea of cardistry. Narrating a plot into it isn't really going to work out.
    Cardistry is more like a painting, I think. Its more about what you, yourself, put into the moves and what you want to show or convey
  9. I'm no painter, but I could imagine not everyone is into watching someone paint and not somehow be involved.. I feel like most people would just get bored watching moves and walk away, though again that can be also said the same for magic.
  10. It's not so much watching the actual painting being done, but the flourish is the finished painting.

    I completely understand where you're coming from. I think that cardistry has a unique way (or at least the capability) or conveying a message that magic is not really able to do.
    Magic has a lot more elements to it that need to be factored in that make up a performance (at least, what is done to keep all involved to stick with your performance) than cardistry does.

    Both magic and cardistry (cardistry as a whole) are two completely different skills. SOME cardistry can be implemented into magic routines. Both require a considerable amount of time to perform moves smoothly

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