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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Anthony Bass, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hey! Long time, no post!

    I just wanted to know, does anybody know of any kind of magic to do over the phone? Like maybe a mentalism routine or something, so I can impress clients while im on the phone with them.

    Thanks a million!

    Anthony Bass
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  2. There are a lot of great effects that can be done over the phone.
    You should definitely check out Juan Tamariz's book, Verbal Magic. Also look into Bob Kohler's Prime Cut. That is an over the phone card trick which i love.
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  3. invisible deck ask the spectator to call someone you can't know and they choose the card
  4. Patrick Redford has some great work on this. His new book will be just on phone mentalism. It is called Heptagon and should be released soon.
  5. Yeah but then they can't see what card is actually reversed ^^

    Umm there are a lot of mentalism routines that work over the phone, none of which come to mind...

    Oh, actually, Nu Sense can be done over the phone, great routine..
  6. i remember sankey having something over the phone in Blows to the head

    Here is a performance of the invisible deck done masterfully well - a great idea - by oOMajicManOo.

    Keep inventing! be creative.
  8. Yes he has, but you have to only send a deck of cards to someone and hope he doesn't shuffle them :D
  9. There's one in David Blaine's Mysterious Stranger. It's a quite nice trick...

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