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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a little bit confused. I've been doing magic for 3 years now, and I'm kinda stuck. I'm trying to refine and/or finalize my routines for closeup magic. However, every time i go to do so, i think I've gotten where I want to, but then i think, "Oh wait a minute! Thats another way I could do it!". I've also found that developing the correct patter and presentation is extremely difficult. I constantly try to envision my ideal performance, yet every time i do, i surface with more questions than answers. The major things I'm trying to figure out are

    -What kind of performace environment do I want to create with these effects?
    -What performance style suits me the best?
    -How do I structure my effects, so that there is a flow?
    -How long should a performance be?
    -What kind of moment do i want to create for the spectator?
    -Do I have a skill or an ability? Am I doing tricks or effects?
    -How do i let the audience make the magic their own?

    So, obiviously there is alot on my mind. Naturally, I'm seeking some real professional advice. So,
    Does anyone have any ideas of some good, solid, DVDs or Books, that will focus on magic theory and performace, and making the magic my own?
  2. I think you've reached a milestone. You want to know how to make your magic stronger through presentation.

    Most people are going to recommend the stock responses - Strong Magic, Magic and Showmanship, The Fitzke Trilogy, Maximum Entertainment, Scripting Magic, etc. Don't get me wrong, those are good books that you should read. There also are great books that combine effects and thinking - Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder, Vortex by Tom Stone, etc. Again good reads, but not exactly what you are looking for.

    But if I'm reading through your questions correctly and you are looking for something "more" there are two books I would recommend. Magic and Meaning by Eugene Burger and Robert Neale and Five Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz.

    Finally, an offer to you and others wanting to take their magic to the next level. Send me a PM. If you are serious about developing a show, an act, a routine or the presentation of an effect (there is a difference among those options), I'm willing to help.
  3. Thankyou, RealityOne! I will definately look into those sources.

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