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Magic Question - How To Get Started in Rope Magic?

Dec 1, 2012
Magic Question - How To Get Started in Rope Magic

Rope magic is simply a type of magical illusion that involves manipulating a piece of rope. It's most commonly used in close-up magic acts – when members of the crowd stand directly in front of the magician and, as such, can be easily fooled by their deft hand movements. The key to a successful rope trick is speed.

While rope effects can work well on stage—just look at the escapology tricks of Houdini breaking free from ties—they are particularly well suited for close-up magic, where the audience is in close proximity to the performer and can closely observe their movements. In one famous example, David Blaine, who confronts an unsuspecting public with close-up magic in his street magic, combined rope magic with shock magic in an illusion where he ate a string he took off of an audience member, then appeared to pull the string out of his abdomen. The only limitation of rope magic appears to be the magician’s imagination.
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