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Magic Question: How to Get Started in Sponge Ball Magic

Dec 1, 2012
Magic Question: How to Get Started in Sponge Ball Magic

Your first lesson

Did you know that Albert Goshman didn't invent sponge balls? LOL

Jesse J. Lybarger is not commonly known amongst magicians today, but his influence is still felt as his creation is one of the most performed tricks of the past century. Lybarger first featured the “sponge ball trick” around 1925 when he performed his routine for an IBM ring in Pennsylvania. He first marketed his “Phantom Balls” in 1925 in The Sphinx and Linking Ring magazines.

Sponge ball magic is some of the most powerful in the arsenal of professional magicians.

What about sponge rabbits?

While Daryl popularized their most recent use, he was not the creator of Sponge Rabbits. Actually, it was mentalist Robert A. Nelson who invented the Sponge Rabbits. His trick "Peter Rabbit Goes to Town!" was released in the 1940s and is one of the most entertaining ways of performing the classic Sponge Balls effect.

Who performs your favorite sponge ball routine?
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