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  1. Lets do a magic quiz game with the community! There will be no prizes, but I hope everyone participates :)
    The rules are simple. I will start this with one question and the first person to correctly answer will make the next question, and so on. If no one guesses in 24 hours I will give an hint, and at the 48 hour mark I will give the correct answer.

    My question is:

    In Guy Hollingworth's book, "Drawing Room Deceptions", Guy dedicated the book to Cholmondeley. Who was Cholmondeley?
  2. I'm going to give a guess and say that it has something to do with Lewis Carol
  3. Given that Guy Hollingworth was English, Cholmondeley may refer to the English aristocratic family or even the location within England.
  4. No

    P.S: You had me go for a search trying to find a link between Lewis Carol/Cholmondeley eheh. Was he one of the illustrators for the book Alice in Wonderland?

    and no

    Small hint: It as nothing to do with locations
  5. soooooo, more than 48hrs have passed.......
  6. In Guy Hollingworth's book, "Drawing Room Deceptions", Guy dedicated the book to Cholmondeley. Who was Cholmondeley?

    Correct answer is: Guy Hollingworth's dog

    Since no one got the question right I will make another one:

    Dai Vernon's elbows were smashed as a result of helping a youger person carry some buckets across some scaffolding. One of the scaffolds snapped causing injury to Vernon. What was in the buckets?
  7. Mercury
  8. Your answer is correct!

    It's your turn to ask a question :)
  9. Joshua Jay has an awesome routine called "Hitchcock", which he performs in his one man show. However, the premise of the trick isn't based on any Hitchcock movie.

    What movie did he base his trick on?
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  10. Ocean's Eleven is my wild guess. Wrong, but that happens a lot. ;)
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  11. Awesome effect, I know he loves The Usual Suspects. He also calls the moment when it turns around the Mcguffin.
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  12. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

    Your turn :)
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  13. Max Maven, David Copperfield, Criss Angel, and Banachek are stage names. What are these magicians real names?
  14. Philip Goldstein, David Kotkin, Christopher Sarantakos and Steven Shaw.
  15. Philip Goldstein is Max Maven, David Copperfield is David Kotkin, I do not know Criss Angel's, and Banachek's is Steven Shaw... how did you get Banachek DeanMagic? I thought I was like one of the few people.
  16. It's in some of his books.
  17. Oh! I never knew that... I saw it in his 2005 lecture notes.

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