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Magic Review - Bandwidth: Talking Sense by John Bannon

Dec 1, 2012
Magic Review - Bandwidth: Talking Sense by John Bannon



A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD - Talking Sense is one of the most insanely impossible self working tricks we have EVER seen! You literally never see or touch the cards. The spectator shuffles their own deck. They cut a bunch of cards and count them to generate a secret number. They use the number to select a card and then it’s buried in the pack.

Now you empty your pockets and use the change you find to help you locate their card. Really!


It’s their deck.
It’s genuinely shuffled.
You NEVER know their secret number OR the card they pick.
There are no sleight, peeks, or ANY need to see the cards at any stage!!!
Works with a borrowed, shuffled deck in use
No sleight of hand
You NEVER touch or see the cards
Works over video call / phone call / in person / on stage!
Perform from the other side of the world

Running Time 28min
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