Magic Review: Chinese Tweezers by Mario Lopez

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  1. Title: Chinese Tweezers
    Creator: Mario Lopez
    Publisher: Tango Magic
    MSRP: $ 50
    Skill Level: intermediate to advanced
    DVD Run time: 12 minutes

    Type of effect: Classic Chinese tweezers routine

    Manufacturer's Write Up: Mario Lopez is one of the recent big surprises of the world of magic. He won the second prize in Micro Magic at the most recent FISM -- his magic is original, simple, different, and fresh.

    Imagine poking a pair of tweezers down through the small hole in the center of a Chinese coin, and upon pulling the tweezers back up through the hole, a large Eisenhower Dollar appears on the tip of the tweezers. Amazingly visual!! The effect can be repeated numerous times with the same audience, becoming more magical each time! This looks incredible! There are other ways to make the dollar appear - your imagination is the limit!

    Now you can perform this beautiful and incredible magical routine. See what all the excitement is about!

    How accurate is the ad copy? No deception.

    What's in the box? The set includes all the necessities: coins, tweezers, and a link with video instructions in both English and Spanish. The link also gives you access to 50 more coin effects

    Key points: Chinese Tweezers is one of his creations, the kind of magic that can only come from a brilliant mind.

    How are the production values: The entire video is shot very dimly lit. Everything blends together and there are no close up shots, which I would have liked for a coin routine.

    Is it well made: Everything is 100% real, but I would have appreciated better quality tweezers at this price point.

    Is it well taught: I didn’t think the video was long enough and Mario has a heavy accent.

    Storage? Does it "pack flat?" It all packs in your pocket.

    Does it "play big?" It’s a beautiful routine if you can perform it like this FISM winner

    Difficulty / Skill level required: This is sleight-heavy and palming heavy

    How much arts and crafts are involved? None

    How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) This is best as a table hopping routine.

    Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.

    _____ Very Satisfied
    _____ Somewhat Satisfied
    _____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
    __X___ Somewhat Dissatisfied
    _____ Very Dissatisfied
    _____ No Opinion

    My thoughts: I was really hoping for gimmicks at this price point. I’m not a coin magician, so I don’t think I have the time or skill to sit and learn this routine.

    + Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:
  2. Another Terrific Review! Thanks David.
  3. I love this routine! However the price point seems a bit high to me...
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  4. lol.....

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