Magic Review - Darkwave ESP by Adam Cooper

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  1. Magic Review - Darkwave ESP by Adam Cooper

    The Darkwave ESP Deck from Adam Cooper is an insanely powerful magic and mentalism tool that is fully loaded with a ton of special features. This is like a complete mentalism or close-up act in one deck of cards!

    Every card in this fully-customized ESP deck features a traditional ESP symbol (in Red or Black), a random word and a high-quality image printed on the face. This beautiful design was carefully constructed to look like a genuine scientific testing tool, as if they were taken directly from an organization that was actually testing extra sensory perception.

    Each Darkwave ESP deck includes:
    • 1 custom-printed gimmicked ESP deck
    • 1 double-backer gaff card
    • 1 blank-facer
    • 4 double facers
    • A full-color instructional booklet
    You’ll also receive access to a massive 90-minute download that will teach you everything you need to know to start using this the Darkwave ESP Deck right away, including 4 KILLER ROUTINES that are going to blow your audiences away!

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