Magic Review - Dealing With It Season 3 by John Bannon

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  1. Magic Review - Dealing With It Season 3 by John Bannon

    John Bannon is the absolute MASTER of easy to do, but eye-poppingly powerful card tricks. His incredible construction and routining mean you only ever need the most basic sleights to accomplish miracles. On Dealing With It Season III Bannon teaches all six of the killer routines from his acclaimed Genii Magazine column in 2019. Each one is tour de force of genuine ingenuity with that will leave any audience stunned.

    Armed only with a normal deck of cards (no gaffs, gimmicks, sticky stuff or duplicates) you will be ready to unleash a cavalcade of sublime card tricks that will make you look like a total master.

    Jump in now and start DEALING WITH IT!


    Miracle Whip Last Call High Five Sly Dog Infinitum Triangulato

    BONUS - Learn the brilliant Screen Control that invisibly puts a selection on the top of the deck.

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