Magic Review - FADEAWAY deck by Chris Philpott

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  1. Magic Review - FADEAWAY deck by Chris Philpott

    Imagine a deck of cards S-L-O-W-L-Y fading from normal to totally blank!

    Ralph W. Hull's Mental Photography Deck is considered one of, if not THE greatest tricks decks of all time. Now Chris Philpott (creator of The 100th Monkey) has modernized it to create a slow-motion, hyper - visual transformation from a normal to a blank deck!

    There are a number of different routines, such as starting with a blank deck, starting with a real one and even finding a wrong card (Error 404: Card Not Found) which causes the deck to crash, leaving only their chosen card!

    Easy to do!

    No sleight of hand needed!

    Detailed video instructions.

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