Magic Review: Post It Surprise - A Trick by Sonny Boom

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  1. The spectator selects a card, and the performer tries to guess the card. He takes a small sticky note and sticks it on the back of the top card of the deck. After some concentration, he writes down a card to reveal's not the chosen one. But, the magician takes the card with the sticky note, gives it a shake, and visually, the writing on the sticky note changes! To reveal the correct card! The note is pealed off and given as a souvenir.

    My review:

    Post-It Surprise is a gimmick that can be used for several effects. You can make a sticky note change the writings or drawings on it, vanish, appear, change color or shape. Draw a car and make it vanish; draw a top hat and make a rabbit appear, etc.

    Limited only by your imagination!

    Points to remember:

    Easy to perform
    Preparation explained in detail in video instruction
    Quick set up
    Needs a bit of practice but nothing too complicated
    Included in the package:

    Special gimmick card
    Pad of sticky notes
    Repair material (in case)
    Link to online instructions

    Vanishing Inc :

    Penguin :

    Merchant of Magic:

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