Magic Review: Quantum Angel by Paul Harris Presents

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  1. Title: QuAntum Angel
    Creator: Paul Harris (Special Thanks to Bro Gilbert)
    Publisher: Paul Harris Presents
    MSRP: $ 35
    Skill Level: All
    DVD Run time: 1 hour 5 minutes

    Type of effect: Inspired by Dan Harlan's CARD-TOON

    Manufacturer's Write Up: "A Bicycle Angel Hand Delivers a special Message to your spectator!" A printed angel visibly reaches into the card's "hyper-dimensional quantum zone" to pull out a tiny "angel" envelope. Sealed inside the envelope, written in ruby red ink on golden paper, is the spectator's secret name or word.
    If you can riffle cards, you're ready to QUANTUM!

    Watch the Astonishing Demo: No presetting the spectator's word. This is a self-contained real-time miracle. Super Easy. Nothing to palm, load, steal, switch or ditch. Features a killer card prediction with gimmick built right into the unit. Convenient self-contained small packet fits into your shirt pocket ... So no need to carry an extra deck. Resets in seconds. Performed and Taught by Chris Turchi and Brandon David Based on Cardian Angel By Paul Harris and Mike Maxwell


    How accurate is the ad copy? Yes, this is what happens

    What's in the box? Gimmicks, envelopes, parts and pieces – everything you need to pull off this miracle. (no construction necessary)

    Key points: Your Quantum Angel can deliver birthday wishes, your phone number, corporate logo, thank you notes... even a tiny love letter.

    How are the production values: The video is “ok” nothing special. About on-par with other Paul Harris videos. You get a set up section filmed at chest high level on a table, the camera pans when the teacher is gesturing or speaking, there is a full studio routine without edits and on screen text to clear up any confusing instructions.

    Is it well made:
    Very well made using USPCC cards. Chris and Brandon do say at the beginning that this is the only opportunity to get this effect, they are more than likely made from old stock that Paul Harris had in his warehouse – so USPCC will not print these anymore.

    Is it well taught: Chris Turchi and Brandon David teach you 2 versions – one is a preset force and the second one is where you can do the trick impromptu with a name and card reveal.

    On the video you will also get ideas for preloaded messages, tons of tips and move advice, the full impromptu routine is taught twice, once quickly, the second time in a more longer explanation. There is a svengali deck routine included and a “gimmick repair” section.

    You can even jettison the envelope out into your spectator’s hands!

    Storage? Does it "pack flat?" It all packs into a black envelope that you could carry in a breastcoat or top pocket.

    Does it "play big?" Card animations plus a kicker ending? This trick kills.

    Difficulty / Skill level required:
    It feels like it should be a harder trick to learn, but it’s as simple as “card toon” to perform.

    How much arts and crafts are involved?

    How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?)

    Overall score:
    let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.

    __X___ Very Satisfied
    _____ Somewhat Satisfied
    _____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
    _____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
    _____ Very Dissatisfied
    _____ No Opinion

    My thoughts I love Paul Harris – who doesn’t? This is certainly an astonishing moment that packs a one – two punch.

    + Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:

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