Magic Review: Quidnunc Plus! by Paul Gordon & Alakazam

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  1. Video review:

    Title: Quidnunc Plus
    Creator: Paul Gordon
    Publisher: Alakazam
    MSRP: $ 30
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    DVD Run time: roughly 3 hours

    Type of effect: Card Magic DVDs

    Manufacturer's Write Up:

    Quidnunc Plus! 2-DVD set will have you performing card miracles like you've never seen!

    It is beautifully produced. 22 killer routines taken from Paul's bestselling book, Quidnunc. Watch Paul entertain and fool a bunch of magicians and then thoroughly teach everything! Items include the blockbuster Worker Supreme, The Ultimate Transposition and Ace In The Hole.

    The skill level of these gems ranges from self-working (easy) to semi-advanced. And, there is an amazing variety of tricks to suit all types of performances. There are strollers, table tricks, packet tricks, cabaret tricks, unusual tricks... and all are strong tricks. Quidnunc Plus! was filmed in front of an enthusiastic magician audience and includes a very insightful Q&A session hosted by Dave Loosley.

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