Magic Review : STASIS and OH SO JUICY

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  1. Magic Review - Oh So Juicy by Brandon David and Chris Turchi

    video review

    From the creative minds of Brandon David and Chris Turchi comes an effect so clean and visual that you'll fool yourself in the mirror over and over again. Imagine being able to take a normal pack of gum and make the wrapper disappear right in front of your spectators' eyes. This is the routine you open your walk around gigs with: it's hyper visual, easy to do, and will have your spectators chewing for more.

    • Gimmick comes fully made and ready to perform
    • Really good effect for your social media
    • Easy to perform
    • An organic object
    • Hand out the gum pieces to your spectators
    It's not just any gum magic, it's Oh So Juicy!

    Magic Review - Stasis by Jambor review


    From the mind of Jambor and produced by Abstract Effects, the team behind tricks such as "Snapped" and "Blade," comes their highly anticipated, impossible balancing effect: Stasis!

    Stasis is a brand-new utility device that allows you to balance borrowed objects, in your hands or your spectator's hands, creating a balancing tower that can collapse on command; the magician is in full control.

    • Ready to perform right out of the box
    • Comes with 2 precisely-made, high-strength gimmicks for different balances
    • Beginner friendly but can be taken to new heights for advanced performers
    • Includes multiple, separate, in-depth instructional videos
    • Magnets included, but not needed to achieve the balance
    • Get creative -- balance everyday objects at a moment's notice

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