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  1. I just saw this the other day in Penguin’s bestseller list and after reading the reviews and Jon Armstrong’s testimonial, I knew I had to get it! I really like it and so wanted to post an in-depth review.

    Purchase Link:

    Ad Copy Integrity:
    The Social Prediction does what it says and the Effect Description is actually accurate, even though it sounds too good to be true.
    You get a 35 minute video, a PDF Guide Book and access to a private Facebook group.

    Here are a few testimonials from the product page:

    “I LOVE effects that are impromptu in the real world. Social Prediction is the PERFECT MODERN MIND BLOWER! I PREDICT you will love it.”
    - Rich Ferguson

    “Finally Facebook isn't a waste of time! What you’re getting is a tool. An awesome tool to perform effects that are not only AMAZING, but will get you booked and direct people to your social media.”
    - Jon Armstrong

    “Predict anything AND promote your personal page? I'm definitely interested.”
    - Shaun Dunn

    The Download covers 2 different methods to make a prediction on Facebook in advance.
    Basically you ask a spectator anything you want – his favourite movie, holiday destination, superhero, celebrity, etc. Then he checks the magician's Facebook profile from his own phone and sees a 100% accurate prediction posted weeks ago. The spectator uses the Facebook app/Browser on his phone too, no funny business!

    A lot of presentations are performed and taught but you can really do anything you want.
    I use it by ending my tricks by showing that I predicted on Facebook exactly how the trick would go – like who would pick which card, who would wear and say what, etc. It’s a killer ending to every trick and adds a modern touch. Plus I get some Likes after every performance ;)

    I also like doing it over the phone and I’m planning to use it to predict something big like the winners of next year’s AGT.

    Both methods are simple, deceptive and practical. Just a few quick points:
    - No gimmicks or apps are involved... both methods are impromptu
    - All phones are compatible but you do need an internet connection
    - The PDF explains ways to do the same effect on YouTube, Instagram, etc.

    Skill Level:
    The methods are easy and there is no skill involved. You only need a smartphone.

    Production Quality:
    The creator has a popular YouTube channel so the video, sound, editing are all pretty good. No issues here.

    4 live performances with 4 different presentations are shown. Ideas for many other presentations are also given throughout the video.
    Users post more presentations in the private group:

    The creator teaches everything in detail with his mobile and laptop screen overlayed on the video so it’s easy to follow along. He comes across as genuine and passionate about the product.

    I echo all the other reviewers and feel it should be priced higher... At least the $20 range so fewer people would get it.

    Final Thoughts:
    It is no secret that I love propless mentalism. The methods are diabolical and well structured so it will be impossible for the spectators to backtrack anything. It's a modern day prediction effect with limitless possibilities. At this price, it’s definitely a steal so I couldn’t recommend it enough.

    Final Rating:
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  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH Brady for taking the time to write this wonderful and indepth review!
    I also enjoy propless mentalism because it almost feels like a superpower. I'm happy that the Penguin Best-seller list caught your eye... it's been 8 months since I published so I honestly didn't expect it to be up there so long [​IMG]

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