Magic Review - Venom by Magie Factory & Ellusionist

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  1. Magic Review - Venom by Magie Factory & Ellusionist

    Venom is a 100% mechanical I.T.R.. No battery needed or fear for its lifetime.

    You can focus only on your presentation.

    VENOM Project contains not only one I.T.R. but two ! It will allow you to make all you can do currently with only one I.T.R..But that's not all !!! You will have access to a private video (1h30) with brand new concepts and killer effects created for real world performances.

    2 years of hard work and research, more than ten prototypes for a simple and practical tool. Everyone using I.T will find it very reliable, an instant reset if the I.T breaks and a lot of possibilities.

    These past five years, Arthur Chavaudret has developed new concepts and powerful effects with borrowed objects (rings, lighters, cigarettes, bills...).

    With a body in aluminium and the other pieces in polycarbonate, VENOM I.T.R. hides a very sophisticated system (ball rolling system) that can last a very long time.

    VENOM I.T.R. has been designed to do everything very quickly :

    instant reset if the I.T breaks.

    Each VENOM I.T.R. is loaded with a very strong I.T but you can load your favorite

    set the tension very easily

    set the stretch length you want

    easily customize everything on your I.T.R.

    Beginner or intermediate skill level, the instructional video is full of detailed explanations for a variety of effects.

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