Magic Review - WOW MONEY by Lloyd Barnes & Ellusionist

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  1. Magic Review - WOW MONEY by Lloyd Barnes & Ellusionist

    Everyone knows WOW, everyone can perform WOW... but not everyone wants to. Putting a playing card inside a sleeve looks odd to most audiences.

    With the 2019 WOW Money gimmick, because it's introduced as your slimline RFID wallet, you can now perform WOW without causing suspicion.

    Take advantage of these flawless visuals with something that looks natural to your audiences.

    This is just one idea for an impactful presentation...

    Imagine yourself asking a spectator to pull out a credit card and hold it in their hand.

    You tell them that thieves can steal money off your Visa by using electronics*, watch how fast it happens!

    In a nanosecond, with your WOW Money gimmick near the spectator’s credit card, the $10 bill changes visually to an examinable $20 note... or any bill you choose.

    Of course this isn't technology, it's magic.

    Lloyd Barnes & Ellusionist teamed up with Masuda to bring WOW into the modern day.


    Bill changes.
    Angle Z in a new way.

    In fact, WOW Money is so versatile, even the stunning slow-motion bill change might be the most boring thing you can do with this gimmick.

    It requires ZERO sleight-of-hand and is available in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds & Euros.

    With the Masuda exclusive, Ellusionist will be the only place for you to get your WOW Money.

    An essential every day carry for magician.

    Order TODAY :

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