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  1. Wanted to know your favourite magic shops (and shows) in NY!
  2. Fantasma is amazing.

    Tannens is great as there inventory is the size of our galaxy (Probably bigger to be honest)

    I work at Halloween Magic in Union Square so i must say... its my favorite, because i work there lol.
  3. Tannens didn't have Modern Coin Magic or Card Control when I went there. They barely had any books and they were shoved in the corner. They were sure to have every DVD and deck of cards ever released though. ;)

  4. Here's what I have found.

    If you want to jam and session with other magicians and have a great time, or just browse through the stuff - go to Fantasma.

    If you are going to a magic shop to buy something, or you know what you want - go to Tannens.

    Just my $0.02.
  5. fantasma is great, the sales clerk is really nice and friendly.

    hey can anyone give me the address to tannens, or the link that was on theory11 that had the address
  6. Just Google Map it real quick.

    Quick note, Fantasma and Tannens are almost next to each other. They are only about a block away from each other. (Ironic, eh?)

  7. competition must be tough.....
  8. i live in nj as i told u on itricks so im comin to nyc in like a week maybe ill pop by man and say hey lol. Is there alot of stuff there?

  9. Hey man awesome. Let me know ahead of time and il see when im working, we can jam. Halloween magic is a smaller store, its actually a mini section, inside of a huge costume store. The inventory isnt huge but alot of old timers go there because apparently a few years ago it was like the best magic shop in nyc, then got shut down for a year, and now its a little section in a costume shop lol. But its a full magic shop with an okay inventory.
  10. sounds kool ill update u on whats gunna happen
  11. were is the actual store that u work in.
  12. shops in New York City

    I feel this is a yellow book moment.

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