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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brendan, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Magic Superday/weekend is coming very soon! 6th and 7th September.

    How many of you guys going? This is in Sydney, Australia

    It is $270 for the weekend which include 4 lectures, shows, workshops etc.

    International Stars like Bill Malone, Chuck Fayne and Alain Nu will be there giving lectures...:)

    Just want to know who of you here are considering going for this event?

    I know there will be some magicians coming over from melb too for this event...

    It will be cool if we could all meet and have a massive session...:p

  2. Yeah, I'm coming, so is Blink. A few of us are making a movie and planning on meeting up. It'd be great if you could join.
  3. yes me blink and a few other people wanna meet up and do a blackpool style vid its gonna be fun
  4. hmmm, I wonder if I could come crash with you guys. I might come, but its my birthday (big 18th) on the 7th. Hmm, If I could crash with you guys I might.

    Cheers, Tom
  5. wish i could be there
  6. I'll probably be down in Sydney early September, so keep an eye out for me.
  7. I wish I could go it would be Madd.

  8. I only gots 116$ ... so lame...
  9. This is a great convention. Sean Taylor and his family really treat the performers and attendees very well. It's a very friendly warm environment.

    While I won't be there this year, I have been before. It's a great time!

    My pal Alain Nu will be there with my other pal Bill Malone. It's going to be one hell of a convention. If you live in the same hemisphere - you need to be there.

    Just my thoughts this morning...

  10. Wow Sean has quite a REP.
  11. Sean is incredible, much prefer him over the CBD shop.
  12. Yes sean is a very nice guy i was at the shop talking for hours about magic and what it is today and about other things to bad Lee isnt coming this year but i cant wait to see Alain and Bill.
  13. Yeah, Tony Saunders isn't coming this year either. Hmmmm, wonder whether Katie decided to come?
    And, yes. Sean is very popular with Australian magicians.
  14. Yeah... I've just checked and I don't think I can go this year, sadly... Still, I'm based in Sydney so I'd be interested in meeting up casually if anyone else lives in/happens to be here :)

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