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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm currently holding a magic survey, nothing big, just some self research. Last year and early this year, here in my place these were the hottest magic dvds series that went into circulation, Symphony, FIVE, Tricks and Everything Else Trilogy, Andthensome and Dangerous Disc 1.I know they are from DG, d+m and Dan and Dave only. Well, that's how much we can afford in my side of the world.I need your help on this research, among the sources above which of the presented effects had worked wonders for you?or you had used many times?Please site your top five effects from the sources given and please state the source as well. Here's an example...

    1.Tivo 2.0-Trilogy
    2.Fresh Scent-FIVE
    5.Timeline 2.0-Symphony

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation....:)
  2. Oh I almost forgot, the different moves given in the Everythingelse and the Andthensome dvds such as the Click Change and the Shepherd Change can also be part of the top five effects considering that they had been integrated in a routine.So please feel free to include them in your top five effects. Thanks...
  3. Frankly, it would be neigh impossible for me to include anything by the Buck twins in my top five.

    Not that they produce bad product, contrary. It's just that I'm not that much of a card guy anymore. Most of their material doesn't really fit well with what I do.
  4. Now what if Harley Newman came out with a one on one teaching you how to lay on two spikes or strap lit firecrackers to your chest, would you buy it? :p
  5. I am with Draven there have been so many better releases in the last year. However if we were to use your list as the only criteria then my top five would be.

    Angle Zero
    Bad influence
    Lapse (original handling found in one)
    I don't know that's about everything that I have or would ever consider performing from those DVDs
  6. First off I'd buy just about damn near anything from a guy with a name like Harley. Especially if it involved blowing stuff up. Secondly: Are you kidding?! I'd be the first person in line for the lecture as well.
  7. @D ICE R: Thanks for your submission, I'll be sure to note your selections. I apologize for the short criteria, that's all that we can afford here.

    @Draven: I appreciate magicians that fled from the card scene and rock in other genres of magic.I'm sure that you do exquisitely on whatever genre you do.

    I'll currently waiting for others to submit. Thanks to those that submitted (Currently one)...Ehehehe
  8. in no order:
    half vanish
    raw linkage
  9. There are other websites you can buy from. I would put Chris Mayhew's and Caleb Wiles' books over anything released by t11 in the last year. Well not Foundations or stairway but that is about it.
  10. 3 Stairway Five, because its very easy to do and its very powerful. I've spent countless hours doing it for myself in the mirror.
  11. Thanks guys, so far these are the standings that I had collected. Please do keep this thread rolling, I need more data...Thanks guys...

    Angle Zero=1
    Bad Influence=1



    Raw Linkage=1

    So far, Stairway seems to be the hottest one being that its visual and easy.But in terms of series, the most useful effects can be found in the Dangerous Disc 1.Please do continue to fill this thread.Every end of the day, I'll give you guys a summary of the statistics that I collected.
    Thanks again...
  12. I would be right behind ya if he was to do a lecture. That would be incredibly awesome.

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