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  1. Hey everyone.

    I would like to officially present a new idea that I think could spur much creativity among the magic community. It is a series of podcasts that discuss magic, in the hopes that we can further our art by doing so. Two podcasts have been published on These are introductory podcasts explaining the rules and idea, so be sure to listen to those.

    You can discuss the podcasts here in the official thread and/or submit a thought podcast. Simply put, you record yourself talking about magic, save it as an MP3, and send it to me via email, which you can receive by private messaging me.

    If you need to record in MP3, I would recommend using Audacity ( since you simply plug in and play. Any USB microphone will do - heck, I use a Rock Band mic, no joke. For Mac, if you choose, there is GarageBand, as well as Sound Recorder for Windows.

    I would also like to thank Luis Vega for helping me. He's doing a great job and will hopefully do more in the future. His commitment is something all of you can learn from. Great mister.

    So let's get those thoughts submitted on the first official topic - Presenting a trick. Listen to Luis's podcast for detailed info.

    Have fun!

  2. Cool idea, a sort of mobile-hands-free version of a good thread!

    I suggest you expand the length of a podcast to be something around ten minutes or so, maybe spliced with different people talking and having conversations about the topic (while remaining on-topic, of course). A sort of listen-only tinychat session.

    As they are, I don't think the idea presents much more than a post on a forum could - but I'm sure it would be worthwhile to listen to sessions with guests (maybe even artists?) in the car, or while waiting for a bus.

    Expand, expand expand!
  3. I agree, I think the artists thing is a great idea!! anyway it`s just the beggining...I think it will keep improving in time...and I am really excited about this!! also is weird to hear my own voice...
  4. Whilst my first thought about this was positive, I would like to second Gus' question, namely:

    What does this represent that a forum post couldn't?

    And if you incorporated artists, what does this represent that the iTricks Magic Podcast currently doesn't?

    In other words, why should I care? :)
  5. I know there`s the Itricks podcast...the reason of why you should that we are starting a project that I believe has potential...

    we cannot just stop because there other podcast, new is always good, maybe is the first one and you are skeptical, but well, maybe other artists has something to say...let say people like members in this forum has something to say, I think this give the oportunity to give people to speak their opinions, like artists from this forums that I believe has great opinions, people like William Draven,Reverhart,D ICE R, like that dude Praetoritevong...

    everyone can say something and that is worth listening...don`t you think?
  6. Absolutely. Let me make it clear again that my first thought was positive, and I have considered recording some thoughts, although to be honest, the topic is so broad that it was somewhat intimidating. But I may well do so - and I appreciate the compliment :)

    What I'm asking though, and what Gus mentioned though, was this: these forums give us a way to voice our opinions. What's the benefit of a podcast? Just a thought :)
  7. Back when I wrote those essays for the forum, I just got a random thought go into my head like how can I help these people create a character or street magic, I have been doing that forever, I am sure I have some advice to give! So it would just pop into your head, nothing to really think about.
  8. well...first of all, is more easy...

    if I were to read the entirety of a 10 page`s somehow difficult, but maybe I could just download it and listen it in my way to work, and I don`t need a computer for that...


    I think it could be a more freely way to voice our opinions and speak our minds, here everything we wrote is depurated and sometimes focus more on bashing somebody or saying off-topic things and this way maybe speaking can express our thoughts differently and more clear. I think it can be a nice thing to try...
  9. I would still bash people on a podcast ;).

    Seriously, Listening to a single guy for about 10 min is boring. It would be better if you take 3 or 4 guys with different mindsets, give them a topic and let them debate to death.

    That would be fun :)

    Eat your heart out Jerry Springer :p
  10. then you podcast wouldn`t be published on the`s about constructive talks...

    it could be fun the second opinion, but it`s hard to do it...guess why?
  11. Hey Ian,

    Just wondering if you need any help with anything just contact me and I'll help you out. Whatever you need. It could be judging or if you need me to record something I'll record. This is a great idea Ian and I look forward to some more podcast.
  12. Hey everyone,

    The point of these podcasts is to talk constructively about magic. Here on the forums, there is a fair share of bashers, naysayers, and noticeably un-constructive individuals. The podcasts offer another medium, hearing, that breaks the form of an online message board.

    Irving Quant or Luke Dancy could sit on the forum all day and type up their feelings on magic. They could also go on a chatroom and discuss it. Which is better? The podcasts offer feeling in speech, as well as a different way of looking at magic.

    I know other sites have podcasts, but I'm looking to be unique to truly help magic. I believe if we pull together, we can achieve amazing things.

    I welcome any more questions.

  13. I think podcasts are excellent. I'm interested to see how this turns out and would be glad to help in some way. One quick question though, is the podcast going to be just one person talking? or will it be a recorded discussion? Either way, it should be very neat.
  14. Thanks for the interest. It will be either or, as far as that goes, if two people wanted to do that. Although honestly, I think the only way that would work would be for two people to meet up.

  15. Fair enough, alright, I can see some merit in this. Hope it goes well :)
  16. Just a reminder, I'm looking for podcast submissions! The first deadline to submit one in mp3 format is Sunday, August 1st, 2010 at 8:00 P.M. That week, myself and Luis will decide on a few to post on the site under the topic of presenting a trick!

    Remember, listen to the podcasts at And last, you fuel this project, so let's get some ideas pumping!

  17. I wish you nothing but the best of luck as I know the effort that is involved in producing a magic podcast. I've done more than 300 shows at the Magic Newswire. Your show will certainly evolve as mine has over the years. When I first started it was a discussion of magic news. That bored me. I them moved on to the one on one in depth discussions with significant figures in our art. I still love those and continue to do them, but it still wasn't enough. That was when we added This Week in Magic which is our roundtable with a se cast of co-hosts (Rudy Coby, David Kaye, Cameron Ramsay, Scott Wells, Chase Goforth and myself.) This format allows us to challenge one another on our ideas and to have guests back on the show for a follow-up discussion. You will find your voice and I hope that you have fun doing it. If there is anything that I can do to help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll certainly offer any words of encouragement or advice that I can which will help you to succeed!
  18. Thank you very much for the encouragment!!! we really appreciate the help and the words!!
  19. Just reminding everyone, the deadline is Sunday, August 1st. You have the whole weekend to record your podcast on the topic of trick presentation!

  20. Deadline is tomorrow at 8:00 PM eastern time. :D


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