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  1. I'm looking for more resources on magic theory. More or less making your magic more impactful. I just puchased the magic way by Juan Tamariz and was wondering if anyone else knew of other resources.
  2. Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber
    Scripting Magic by Pete McCabe (both volumes)
    Our Magic by Maskelyne and Devant
    Magic and Showmanship by Nelms
    Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz

    That should keep you busy for a bit.
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  3. I am surprised that for the most part those books mentioned are pretty affordable, as in under 50 bucks each and some under 20.

    Gives me hope for adding to my bookshelf.

    Maximum Entertainment and Strong Magic have been on my wish list for months now. Hoping to add at least one of them to my collection by the new year.
  4. If I had to limit it to two suggestions, I'd say Maximum Entertainment and Scripting Magic.

    Strong Magic is good, but I feel it is inferior to Maximum Entertainment.
  5. All of Derren's book are useful in this occasion
  6. Yes - but the ones actually written for magicians, ie: Pure Effect and Absolute Magic, are out of print and often massively over priced. They are, however, excellent books.

    Also - The Alchemical Tools by Paul Brook.
  7. The Magic Way is a very interesting book. Tamariz's "way" is to lead spectators to think there is a certain method, but then disprove that method. My objection is that the focus of the effect remains on the method. It is great thinking regardless of whether you agree with it.

    I found that Maximum Entertainment is more practical advice for the performer. If you plan on doing shows rather than just performing for friends it is a must read.

    Scripting Magic is good, but some scripts are better than others. It is, very much, a process of learning by example.

    Our Magic is a wonderful book, but I think you need a good amount of experience to appreciate what it has to offer.

    I've got Magic and Showmanship, but have never read beyond the first couple of chapters, so I can't give a good opinion.

    Strong Magic is encyclopedic. You need to have a lot of experience to put what Darwin says into context and judge the validity of his ideas.

    A couple of suggestions...

    Larry Hass's Transformations (Creating Magic Out of Tricks) is great because it focuses on the presentation of effects and how to turn a trick into a presentation piece.

    Darwin Ortiz's Designing Miracles - A focus on the structure of magic.

    Anything by Eugene Burger. Great effects with great presentational thinking.

    Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder -- amazing effects and a lot of thought provoking essays.

    Anything by Robert E. Neale - This is not theory but presentations.
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  8. Try reading Jay Sankey's "Beyond Secrets" it a free online PDF that has plenty of ideas on doing so!

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