Magic tricks for showing animals?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RockyRock, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. I have a pitbull and I decided to show him a few tricks a while ago. I wanted to show him 2 card monte but I don't think his paws could grasp the cards. I showed him a color change and he just barked at me. Any ideas for a good trick to show my dog?
  2. I like to practice my french drop on my dog with a dog treat. My hands may be quicker than the eye, but they are not quicker than the nose.
  3. Rocky:

    I dont think it is the effects, but your presentation. A mere color change isn't an effect - it is a sleight. That is like expecting Fido to be impressed at a double lift. Your performances need to have a well developed plot that draws the audience in.

    The ultimate question you have to ask in magic, is why should the spectator care? Nobody is going to care if your performance doesn't reflect you character and is merely a narration of what you are doing.


    It seems that your presentation is bordering on challenge magic. Best case, the spectator is focused on the methods, worse case, someone loses a finger.
  4. I had a Cockatoo that used to love it when I did a classic force on him and then named his card. . . same with card under a glass.
  5. Dogs love the biddle trick.
  6. Try an ACAAN routine

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