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  1. So I'm been wondering if anyone knows of any high quality magnetic wedding rings that can be used for magic. I've looked and found some websites that have some nice selections, but I was wondering if there was something that would last a long time (a lifetime) and appear to be a wedding ring.
  2. The biggest trouble with many PK rings is that they shatter easily. I'm sure that there is a high quality one out there somewhere but I haven't found one that would last as long as you need it.
  3. With most PK rings there is always the likelyhood that the coating will wear off after time, this is down to the way they're made. Murphy's Magic bought the rights to the Wizard Rings and redeveloped them, calling them "Kinetic" rings. They come in a number of styles now and seem to be the best quality ones that are easily accessible. They're not too expensive.

    If you REALLY wanted to ensure the highest quality and something that will last for a long time, you could go and have it coated in gold yourself; it'll cost a bit, but lengthen the lifespan. For the cost of replacing the ring however, I wouldn't bother going to those lengths, you could be a bunch for the same price!
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  4. Why does it have to be a magic wedding ring? I'm curious. Just get the PK ring that looks just like a white gold silver band and just put it on when going out to certain gigs. Or just wear your wedding ring and do Ring Thing by Garrett Thomas and some ring on string material.

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