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    Magic with the iPhone DVD + CD-ROM

    Product Information
    Price: $19.35
    Run Time: Approx. 77 minutes
    Starring: Nicholas Byrd
    Produced/Created: Magic City and Byrd & Coats Productions

    Production Quality
    Video Quality: When watching the DVD you'll realize Theory11 spoils us with they're amazing HD quality. This DVD is very clear but, nothing compared to Theory11. But, the quality of video is right up there.

    Teaching: The teaching in this is actually very exceptional. It is usually from your on Point of View (P.O.V) so, learning is very simple. Nicholas Byrd, explains everything you need to know. If your a beginner, or pro you'll be able to learn. I was very, very pleased with the teaching. It is close-up, clear, and from your own P.O.V most of the time.

    DVD Layout/Effects.: I must say this was a very easy video to follow. The DVD Menu is simple, and doesn't have any chapters but, every effect has it's own selection so you'll be able to find a single effect very easily. The transitions in this video, are very simple and kind of lame but, it really doesn't matter. During the presentations, since it's hard to show everything, you see the presentation and a little close-up shot of the iPhone in the bottom right hand corner. A very nice touch. No stone is left un-turned, you should know, and see everything that's happening.

    Overall:It's a very good DVD. You can follow everything clearly, and see and hear everything at all times. You should be able to learn every effect with ease. There's not much more to be said, pretty good quality.

    The Effects
    iHotrod: If you know the classic Hotrod effect than this is essentially the same, except on your iPhone/Touch. Very easy to do, and very visual. If you don't want to carry around an extra prop, this is awesome.

    iWallet/iATM: Man, so visual, and amazing. I will perform this alot. You visually pull a bill, your ID, or a gift card FROM YOUR iPhone/Touch. It is so simple to do, and all you really need is to set-up your files on your computer properly. You'll love this.

    X-Ray: This is very simple, and not really a "magic" effect but, looks very cool. There is another version with a coin revelation which is very sweet. I've done it a few times already to family members and it works like a charm.

    iConic: It is basically a self-working effect. All you need to do is remember your patter, which is specific, and your set. This is an impossible mentalism feat right on your iPhone/Touch. If your ever asked to do a quick trick, this is it, simple, in your face, awesome.

    Lovely Assistant/iWash: Oh boy....This effect is a card revelation, in a I advise only performing this for guys. Trust me on this one...

    Telecommunication: This effect is an opener. There is a lot of set-up involved, and a buddy in on the action. But, it really is a miracle. I have yet to perform this but, if you do it can really be a reputation maker. This is truly awesome, if you put the effort into it.

    Card from iPhone: Exactly how it sounds. Visual as visual could be. You can do it with only 1 card, and depending how you do the effect you MAY require a dupe. Although this is one of the reasons I bought the DVD, it is well worth it. Your audience will flip right out.

    Penny to Dime:You get your penny gimmick with the DVD taped on the inside so be careful not to lose it. This is a cool effect but, can only be done with a Blue Bicycle deck. You'll find out why. It is a very cool concept and will work if you take the time, and add a little something to your iPhone/Touch. A neat effect, although I may not ever perform this due to the "deck" restrictions.

    Wallpaper Magic: A very simple effect. Not the greatest in the world but, works well on laymen.

    iPurse:Not included above, you visually pull an American Half dollar from your iPhone/Touch. It is SO easy to do, and extremely visual. A great piece of magic.

    Additional Information
    Everything you need to perform these effects come on a CD-ROM. That includes all of the photo's you need, and video clips (you do not get a iPhone/Touch so keep dreaming :p). They take up barely any room on your iPhone/Touch so don't worry. It's not like they're 1 gig files.

    The total amount for all Photo/Video files is:

    Videos: 30.6 MB

    Photos: 16.2 MB

    It is a tad tricky putting the photos on so if you need additional help feel free to pm me.

    Now, all of these effects do work on the iPod Touch. The only issue is some photo's, and beginning of videos are screenshots of a screen from an iPhone with lots of applications including camera, texting and calling which we don't have. If you have a Touch I recommend buying the January Software Upgrade and moving your icons to look like the one's in the photos and videos.

    Also, all of the money tricks, use American bills and coins. You will need an American Half Dollar, American 5,20, or 1. And even an American dime. Unless you create your own photo's then this is something you'll have to work your patter, and money situation around. There is tips on the DVD near the beginning, regarding sizing issues, and picture quality of photo's if your going to change or import them.

    You should also invest in a case, which is small, and slips on and off easily. Watch the DVD for an idea for iPhone users, and if you own a Touch, you should find some very slim "jelly" cases for cheap.

    Final Thoughts
    I think this DVD is truly awesome. If you own an iPhone/Touch pick this up. Seriously, it's about 20 dollars, very cheap, and you get some great effects you can carry around in your pocket all day.

    This is the perfect magician's assistant. Trust me, easy to do, visual, and super modern. This is modern street magic at it's finest.

  2. Wow, thanks so much for the review, it was awesome. I've been looking for effects to use with my ipod touch, I did however find tricks on but this is something to check out also. Thanks very good review.

  3. Awesome! I just got my iPod Touch!How much memory does it all take up though?
  4. it can be done with i touch right?
  5. Read the review again ;)
  6. the only thing im wary about is well like when pulling half dollars out and things i don't really wants strangers screwing up my touch or cards like on top of the screen i want to keep it safe do any of these effects require maybe like scratching i dont mean purposely but like if your like sliding coin on it i mean i dont know is that how the tricks are
  7. Your Touch won't be ruined if you buy a case. When you pull out the half dollars they aren't on top of the Touch. So, if you buy a case you should be fine. Plus, spectators will be so enthused with the fact you made something come out of your Touch they'll be checking the item instead.

    I will take a quick gander into Itunes and check for you.....

    Ok, here is the total amount for all Photo's/Videos:

    Videos: 30.6 MB

    Photos: 16.2 MB

    It is a very, very small fraction of your memory. So, don't worry about that.

  8. Ok I think I might buy it then! Also I have been having trouble finding the website to get it. Can you please post a link of the website?

  9. If you click the large orange Title above my review which says "Magic with the iPhone DVD + CD-ROM" it will lead you to the product page on MJM Magic.

  10. Guys, don;t be scared to scratch your touch. YOU CANNOT SCRATCH THE TOP SCREEN WITH A COIN. The screens can't be scratched with a razer, I don;t think a coin will do anythiung.
  11. Hey, you said you found the files on iTunes? Now I don't really use iTunes but I am aware of it so does that mean we can still get the files from there instead of the CD ROM?

    I know I asked about the files but is there any chance that there are compatible versions of the videos and pictures for Nokia phones? There are other DVD's and effects that generally are for other phones but the effects above are kind of interesting. I'd like to be able to do those as well, if it's possible.
  12. I never said that I found the files on iTunes. All of the files you get come on a CD-ROM, which you can import into itunes. But, doing it with the photos can be tricky.

    Also, I don't know if they're compatible with Nokia Phones. I have a Motorola KRZR so, I have no experience with Nokia phones. I would say the files may work but, they are specified for being on an iPhone or iTouch.

  13. Oh ok ok, sorry about that. Thanks for clarifying.

    One last question pls. Is there a way to convert the files so it can be played or viewed through other phones or systems? Same goes for other effects that send you a CD ROM with the files in it.
  14. The videos are saved into MPG4 format and the Photos are under JPEG format. If you put them into something like Sony Vegas or, Photoshop you can save them under different file types. I've tried, and it does work but, something may occur so be cautious.

    You should be able to convert them to another device but, you may want to try fiddling with the sizes. And if you do buy this, not for an iphone or Touch don't blame me if it doesn't work :p.

  15. I've been meaning to pick this up...thanks for the review!

    As for the iPhone/iPod touch screens, if you have the iPod touch tricks from and a basic video editing program I'm sure you can take the iPod touch video from hottrix and edit the ipod touch screen onto the video file.

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