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  1. Well this is supposed to be a simple, favorite music thread, (but since theres no off topic thread, I'll disguise it as a magic thread)

    Well, what's your favorite music to listen to while practicing, or just to get pumped before a performance(for you people that do shows), or even while your performing for some of you musical magicians.

    *whisper*( If you don't listen/use to music while your practicing, before performing, or while performing just state your favorite artist(s). And if you didn't realize, this thread is in cognito for a favorite music thread since we don't have an off topic thread. *done whispering*

    Personally my favorite band is System of a Down. I also listen to a lot of punk ex. The Ramones, The Clash, Blink-182, Mindless Self Indulgence. I've recently been listening to a lot of Angels and Airwaves. I used to think they were a little to corny, but I'm actually starting to like them.

    And btw, the words " Panic at the Disco" are banned from this thread. I consider it a racial, sexist, and highly offensive slur.
  2. panic at the disco
  3. naaa lol
    actually datarock is really good, and think about mutation and incubus..
  4. ATM, I've been listening to a lot of Motion City Soundtrack. L.G.F.U.A.D. =D
  5. Anything really, but some more melancholy or darker music tends to get me more into the zone. Especially when doing flourishes or going over routines in my head.

    - A Perfect Circle
    - Dredg

    just to name a few... :) Although I have too many songs to count now days :)
  6. I like a little Linkin Park action...
  7. Daft Punk ;) And don't tell me you don't like a bit of Daft Punk every now and again :p

    - Sean
  8. Yeah!!!

    of course some daft punk too,... how could i have forgotten that
  9. SoaD, Linkin Park, and any trance is fine ;)
  10. Ludwig van Beethoven.

    Also, some Linkin park, anything to get my blood flowing.
  12. LOL This man is awesome. :D

    Anyway, I like to listen to Linkin Park, V.A.S.T., Blink-182, and Angels & Airwaves. Really anything rock, with a fast beat. Rock rocks my socks. :p

  13. I listen to a vast majority of rock, but lately stuff like Nickelback or Chevelle.
  14. Oh You kids and your popular musics!! Personally, i like reggae, most ska (not so much third wave but from time to time), actual punk, erm, mostly bands none of you have never heard of.

  15. What do you mean by actual punk? The Ramones, The Clash, Nirvana? And by actual punk, you mean not the mostly pop, bands that are considered punk I agree with you. The only pop/punk I like is Blink-182 and Mindless Self Indulgence.
  16. Nirvana is grunge, not punk. And I like to listen to Beck, Radiohead, Easy Star All Stars, and random funk.
  17. Nirvana is considered Grunge and Punk.
  18. I prefer listening to Beethoven, Prodigy, or Slipknot.
  19. Mb 20
    Linkin Park
    Maroon 5
    The Beatles....

    Pretty much everything but classical and hardcore country!

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