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  1. Hey guys!
    So I'm a junior and I'm asking a girl to prom in about a month. I wanted to do a really cool magic trick as my proposal for two reasons: I want to stand out and do something cool and different than other people, and also the best proposal gets free tickets!

    I want this proposal to be really flashy, so I'm going to try and use flash paper for this trick. I will basically use the flash paper to make a rose (or roses) appear. I then want to do the same thing, but with a small poster that I will make, which says "Prom?" on it.

    Do any of you have any advice on how to go about doing this trick? I would appreciate advice on several things:

    - Normally when I use flash paper, I use something small that can stay hidden in my hand. I will be unable to do this, however, with objects as large as a rose and a poster. Any advice on where to hide a rose and poster on my body so that I could magically procure it behind the flash of the flash paper? I was thinking I could wear a jacket and stuff the poster behind the zipper and a rose within my sleeve. I just don't know if I would be able to grab the objects quick enough while they are in this position if that makes any sense
    - I think procuring several roses would be better than just one rose, but I am already having difficulty hiding just one rose (as seen in the first bullet). Any suggestions for these two bullets?
    - Do you guys think that flash paper would be sufficient in hiding the action of pulling a poster out of my jacket? If not, again, is there somewhere else I could hide it and easily pull it out from?

    I appreciate everyone that reads through this whole thing and gives me advice that I can use!
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  2. I don't think so...
    But it will depend on the motions you add on to the burning of the flash paper.

    If you didn't already have an effect in mind (btw, your idea is super amazing, #thumbsup!) then I'd have suggested a sweet card effect around a minute long, which ends up with a card with a proposal on it displayed.

    OR you could just do a colour change to make a proposal card appear? "Sweet" card tricks can be anything really...maybe include the K of Hearts and Q of Hearts , just saying :)
  3. I like this idea and then maybe also try to get the poster to appear somehow? There are so many different tricks you could also try to use as alternatives, so just look around. Also if you do the card trick give her the cards for a keepsake (it'll be cute!) and good luck dude!
  4. I ask a girl to HOCO with a trick, the trick could be modified to use flash paper. If you want I could make a video on the trick and how to do it with the flash paper. My trick was different from your idea. Mine is solely cards. I like the idea for the trick with the rose but I can’t help you there, sorry. Good luck
  5. Someone else asked for help with a magic promposal a few weeks ago so I'll give my two cents again :) (I'm a senior in high school but I have one already planned out that I can share if you want)

    If I may, what's the presentation of your trick? I like the idea of procuring a rose and then making a sign appear, but presentation is 90% of a trick, especially for these kinds of tricks where I'd say presentation is 99% of the trick. Walking up to her and asking to show her a magic trick, then immediately procuring a rose and a poster is definitely cool, but there's no build-up because I wouldn't say that it is actually a fully thought-out magic effect. If you weren't doing a promposal, a magic trick where you just make a rose and a message appear wouldn't be much, would it?

    I'd try to add a plot to your trick, however you want. It doesn't have to be related to prom, love, Valentine's Day, any of that at all, as long as the climax of the trick leads to you asking her to prom. For your poster dilemma, you don't have to make an entire poster appear, just the words on a poster.

    Some other ideas:
    I'd consider some balloon effects, balloons and floats are overused at promposals so you could have fun changing up something overused into a fun one. There's a color-changing T-shirt thing you can buy here on theory11 that could work for the reveal/promposal, fun things you could do with loops/invisible string for a levitation effect of the four letter's "PROM", but something I personally would do is just visit your magic repertoire and see what you can turn into a promposal rather than try to come up something completely original. A lot of basic magic effects can be modified to fit something else.

    Just some advice for whatever promposal you do, don't make it obvious that you're about to do it. The magic + the surprise of a promposal hits really hard and could literally melt minds. However, if it's obvious the promposal is coming, some of the magic could be lost because they're waiting for that promposal and are expecting that any minute and not focusing on the effect at hand.

    For my junior prom (I'm a senior in high school currently), I did a variation on Asi Wind's "Double Exposure". I think it goes really well with a promposal because there's surprise, she's not expecting a promposal in the moment, and she's left with a tangible impossible souvenir on her phone. It's also a different kind of card trick than the one's people are used to so it had a different feel than those "4 Jacks Rob a Bank" type of tricks. If you want, I'll show you how in a PM.
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