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  1. there are many movies about magicians/ cheats i know quite a few
    the sting
    now you see me
    burt wonderstone
    the prestige
    the illusionist
    what other movies would you guys recommend

    PS. what are some of your opinions on an erdnase movie but instead of it taking place in the early 1900s it could take place in the present
  2. Rounders is kinda about cheating. It is a poker movie. There's a movie Ricky Jay was in called Heist. It is about a group of con artist.
  3. There is also Desperate Acts of Magic
  4. Lets not forget Houdini with Tony Curtis.
    Showing my age>
  5. The Magician Dir. by Ingmar Bergman

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (kind of)

    Presto! the pixar short film
  6. Deceptive Practice - The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay
  7. i have never heard of The Magician Dir. by Ingmar Bergman where can i find that
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    Most reputable DVD outlets. It's on Amazon, for example.

    To add to the list, Magicians, the 2007 British comedy film, is better than the reviews made it out to be.
  9. is it on itunes?
    and can you post an amazon link?
  10. Wot about Arrrry Potta ;)
  11. 21 it's about counting cards
  12. I personally enjoyed watching "Dai Vernon-The Spirit of Magic," "Ricky Jay-Learned Pigs and Flying Women." and there is a short documentary called "The art of Tommy Cooper" which I think can be found on youtube. Of course we cant forget "Grand Illusions, The History of Magic" which has two volumes, both of which are nearly 3 hours. As well as "Mysteries of Magic" I'm also aware of a newer documentary style film called "Make Believe" I have yet to watch it, but I think it's about younger magicians competing for the title of worlds best teen magician. Those are the ones that I can list off the top of my head. And all previously mentioned like Shade, The Prestige, The Illusionist, Burt Wonderstone, Now You See Me....Oh and Death Defying Acts. Hope this helps!
  13. Make Believe was really great...very cool to follow these young people as they develop their acts and perform onstage.

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