Magician doing flourishing?

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  1. What flourishes would you recommend for a magician who's looking into flourishing? I'm mainly seeking basic cardistry as a way to mix up cards creatively and add it tastefully into my set, perhaps doing a few moves in between tricks.

    I can do the cut taught in Death to the Double Undercut, the Werm, basic one-handed cuts, fans, spreads, and a cut I created. I can't find anywhere to learn the original Sybil cut, and am looking into Sybling by Lee Asher. Thoughts?
  2. The obvious suggestion here would be genesis, which is an excellent introduction into flourishing. Specifically if you want to learn to be a bit more innovative in your techniques. If you want flashier cuts, you cannot go wrong with the flourishing DVD from Trilogy. Excellent stuff there, and enough to keep you practicing for months.
  3. Yup, Tyler got some good ones. Papercuts by Chris Hestnes also offers moves for all levels of skill. But may I ask, why would you want to incorporate flourishing into your set? Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose?
  4. I should have been more clear: I am looking for individual cuts that will train my fingers to perform more complex cuts. I wish to incorporate it into my set as an eye-catcher, basically. I want to spice up my magic a bit. I won't use it much, but I'd like to have a basic grasp of some two-handed cuts.
  5. I would definitely look into trilogy then if I were you. In fact, the whole set might not be a bad idea because they do a lot of magic that has integrated flourishing. You also can't go wrong with Daniel Madison when it comes to this type of stuff, the half of his stuff that is not crazy devious is all flourishy tricks. Dangerous, a DVD from DM, I would almost recommend over Trilogy simply because he goes pretty in depth into integrated cardistry on motion, the second disc.
  6. I would highly recommend Solo by Michael James, it's an amazing project with truly beautiful work.

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