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  1. Well I love to see this kind of movies, why? I think is obvious but do you know any movie involving magicians? because the only movies that came to my mind are The Prestige, The Illusionist, Scoop and Death Defying Acts...

    If you know more movies please share it, Thanks.
  2. Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  3. check out Werner Herzog's "Invincible" as well as "Nightmare Alley". Great films. Also, the beginning of "F for Fake"-which you can watch here.
  4. I already saw the movie I forgot to mention that one, btw very good movie :p
  5. I watched the trailer and Invincible looks interesting, I'm going to watch "F for Fake" tonight, thanks for the link.
  6. Smokin Aces is an action movie where assassins try to kill a magician (and Dan and Dave hand double).

    Also Shade is a good movie on card handling (featuring Jason England).

    Another good movie which is more about card gambling but still entertaining is The Cincinnati Kid.
  7. Smokin Aces looks great 'cause I love action and I already saw Shade a lot time ago nice movie I didn't know that Jason England was there, thanks for the info and the movies man.
  8. Jason does a lot of the hand work at the beginning and can also be seen in the Magic Castle scene.
  9. There are a lot of Movies with Magicians/Card Mechanics being involved.

    The Sting: John Scarne: The scene where Paul Newman is shuffling cards on the train was Scarne's Hands
    The Cincinnati Kid: Jay Ose was the technical Advisor

    The Ranger, The Cook, The Hole in the Sky: Ricky Jay has a great scene doing card work

    House of Games: Ricky Jay/ Mostly about grifting

    The Tree of Life: Richard Turner. There is a scene in the movie where Brad Pitt is losing his family fortune in a card game and realized he was being cheated. That was Turner.
  10. Some movies to check out would be:

    The Great Buck Howard- This movie is sort of a biography based on "The Amazing Kreskin", its a good watch.

    The Wizard of Gore (original or remake) I own the original, its pretty brutal, I got through maybe 10 minutes of it lol. Its a C movie, made back in the 70's, I have not seen the remake, but the basic plot behind the movie is that its a serial killer magician that uses his tricks to disguise the fact the he is actually sawing a girl in half, and actually cutting their heads of with a guillotine and so on.

    Shade- This was already mentioned, but what was not mentioned was that the films creator and director is also a magician, his name is Damian Nieman, also Paul Wilson was involved in the movie too, as well as many other local Hollywood magicians, in fact there is a scene in the movie that was filmed at the magic castle.

    Also I would check out the T.V. Show "Arrested Development". It is hilarious and one of the main characters "gob" is a screw up magician, its really fun to see him perform his magic tricks.
  11. I second this. One of Will Arnott's best roles.
  12. Loved it. John Malcovich plays Kreskin--what more do you want from a magic movie?
  13. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

    Ok not the best magic movie, but Steve Valentine who is both a very good magician and a successful actor plays the evil magician in the movie...

  14. LOL. Just... LOL.
  15. hahaha Wizards of Waverly Place, really? (I used to watch the TV show) by the way thanks for the movies and the info guys I'm going to buy some movies this weekend so thanks!
  16. Laugh all you want fellas but I just watch Mary Poppins with my kids and the amount of crap that she just pulled out of her carpet hand bag was unreal....ha ha. Definitely some magic.
  17. True that, I watched the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie quite a bit, and everytime Steve came on I recognized him from an episode of Monk where Steve also stars as a magician, and a very good one at that. I also watched the Wizards Movie because of Selena Gomez. I mean, I'm 15 years old you have to give me slack. haha
  18. Steve also plays a magician on House MD, the episode titled "You Don't Want To Know." (4x08)
  19. There is a great movie called "Magicians" with the british comedy duo Mitchell and Webb. The movie is hilarious and really captures the realities of magic nerds. Its awesome.
  20. Oh, there's also 'Magic Man' with Billy Zane.

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