Magician Nicknames

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  1. Hello everyone, hope your having a good Wednesday! Welcome back to game night. I believe everyone knows the drill by now.

    So, in the history of magic we've had an incredible amount of magicians with great nicknames.
    Dai Vernon- The professor
    Adam Wilber- the worker
    Ning Cai- Magic babe ning
    So that's your challenge to give some nicknames to some other magicians. As simple as that!
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  2. Ed Marlo- The great value Dai vernon
    (I'm going into hiding after this one)
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  3. Daniel Madison- (Insert Gambler's Cop Joke Here)
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  4. Steven Brundage - The only Magician Laymen seem to know anymore.
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  5. David Blaine - T100, but with playing cards

    ....Hiding isn't enough. You may need to flee the internet....
  6. Mac King - Rope King
  7. Will Tsai- That dude with the coins from AGT

    Shin Lim- God
  8. Penn & Teller : The Couple
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  9. Jibrizy - "Coach"

    Roberto Giobbi - "The College Professor"
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  10. *Daniel Madison - I am Daniel Madison.

    Even in his newsletter he introduces himself as such. I wonder if he’ll order food and respond with “I am Daniel Madison and this is an order for one beef and broccoli.”
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  11. Michael O’Brien - “that one guy with the hat.”
  12. Shin Lim should have been...
    'Warlock Level 16'

  13. Jibrizy-Black Gold (emphasis on gold).

    (please don't kill me).
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  14. Jonathan Bayme: The Chipotle Magician

    @j.bayme :)
  15. Juan Tamariz- "The other guy with the hat"
  16. David Blaine : The Watcher
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  17. Murray Sawchuck : The Cop For Cops
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  18. The Masked Magician - A.k.a. " The Incredible Sellout "
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  19. Jonathan bayne- The the guy with a passion for chipotle.

    Plz no take down its just a coment
  20. I'll upvote this one
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