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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DoveMagic, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. So I am trying out for the magic castle and I need some help. The tricks I want to do are Cups and Balls and Angle Zero (with the "Three" balls appearing as well as a wand).
    I am doing cups and balls Mark Wilson style, except with an ending I learned from Paul Green where a potato appears under the three cups after the trick is over. I would like to hear some suggestions on what to add to make it original. Also, do you think maybe I should do angle zero, make the card piece disappear, and at the end of cups and balls the piece appears under the three cups?

    Benjamin Dove
  2. I think you have the right ideas, but you're making it too complicated with the Angle Zero card-piece-under-cup thing. Angle Zero by itself is an astounding effect, and will be undermined by the Cups and Balls as an "interruption." Check Ricky Jay's version of the CaB on YouTube, his is my favorite version to date - the patter makes it priceless. If you're going to do AZ and the CaB, then I think you should do them as two distinct, separate effects.

    That's my opinion though... feel free to bash it. :D
  3. cups and balls is a great idea... i wouldnt make the piece reapear under the cups, just because its more impressive if the piece reapears in a more impossible place; otherwise the audience may think you did some move to get it under the cups, and that ruins everything.
  4. Few questions for auditioning for the magic castle

    1. Will there be judges?
    2. If so how many?
    3. Will your performance be for people ad the judges check how your doing or is it just for the judges in private?
    4. Will it be closeup or stage?
    5. If you become a member do you have to perform there regularly or are you allowed to just visit and never perform?
    6. How many tricks can you show? Does it have to be one routine or many?
    7. If you don't pass the auditions can you take them over?
    8. How do you sign up?
  5. hey best of luck in your audition. Judging from your youtube channel you must be auditioning as a juniour member. a high school student of mine who auditioned did not make the cut, I think because his routine lacked originality, so i think it is smart that you are thinking about how to wow the people watching. I have heard that they stare stonefaced as people audition (probably because so many people mimic others and perform same old effects) I have to agree with blue shirt that Ricky Jays CaB is amazing ( I saw it live on Tuesday at the Geffen theater at UCLA, and met David Roth which was sweet). i think the audition takes place in the Castle's close-up room and if you do not make it the first time you are more likely to be accepted on the second audition. i do not perform either effect ( but actually have both on the way) so i will not give advice either way on combining them. good luck again and I would like to know how it goes.
  6. Here's some important advice:
    1. Don't worry so much about being unoriginal, just make sure your act is solid and you can do your shizzle well (no hesitation and fluid).
    2. Don't do stuff you've learnt recently into your act (unless it's a good mod for your existing act), make sure it's easy going and make sure you can be comfortable doing it at a moments notice. If it's too complicated and could stuff up, Murphy's law tells us that it will, so try to avoid it.
    3. Tricks, tricks, tricks.....more tricks doesn't equal better. Remember you only get 15-20 minutes, don't overload your act.

    I'm assuming you're doing close up, so don't worry too much about the angles. The close up room has very very good angles, perfect for cups and balls.

  7. it dosent have to be potatos, try other small object. maybe enlarging the balls, or frezzing the corner in ice, then puting that under the cup with sponges, pour on water, drop out the ice, sponges stay stuck in top.
  8. Im amazed that your trying to get there, nice dude :)

    I suggest you make up your own cups and balls routine and make it original.
    Anglo zero well i think alot of other guys are going to try that so try to find something that is as punching but something that not alot of people know...

    I wish you luck!

  9. I love the help. I really want to know some different parts of cups and balls that can be added.

    Also, is it okay if I borrow a line from penn and teller's cups and balls?

    Benjamin Dove
  10. i think i good tip on being original would be not using a potatoe but using something more random. surprise the judges, theyve seen he potatoe thing plenty of times before. find a way to get a hamster under the cup, that would shock them or a mouse. and i think it would be good to work angel zero into the trick but hand the cup b4 you even take the card out and tell them to hold it over there head, makes it seem more impossible and as the other guy said b4, thats just my opinion feel free to disregard it
  11. I use 3 limes and like a tomato.

    Benjamin Dove
  12. I geuss my advice is do what you feel is okay and make it as fun and magical for the audience as it can possibly be while being original. What I would do is just sit down on the couch practice cups and balls why trying to think of a great patter. Sometimes when you just practice tricks and make a patter up off the top of your head it can be a good idea and then you just modify over time. Thats just my advice though. I wish you the best of luck!!!
  13. i wouldnt use a line from penn and teller bc that makes your act less original. and they did get kicked out of the magic castle. make the act your style, no one elses, watch a bunch of different cups and balls and get ideas for a greater routine, work your own lines into and even some humor
  14. Can anyone answer my questions from my last post?
  15. For anyone under 21 I think you audition as a junior member

    this has all the answers to your questions copperfield14. you can choose between stage or close-up.

    it said something about five minute audition, so DoveMagic if you are auditioning as a junior you should clarify and make sure your routine doesn't go over if that is not allowed.

    You would gain access to library which would be amazing.

    again best of luck
  16. Does anyone know a good trick to go with angle zero maybe?

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