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  1. When a lay person thinks of the word "magician," what are the things that usually first come to their mind?
  2. Trickster.

    Word Counts.
  3. First of all why are you asking us..? I for one would ask a layperson this, not other magicians. However, I believe they think about a male man(Not a female. I don't know why they don't think of a female magician, maybe because the assistant is usually a female, either way it's quite sexist.) in a suit and tie with a top hat which he can pull a rabbit out of.
  4. If they don't think of me right away when somebody says "magician" "magic" "hypnosis" "good-looking-guy" then I didn't did my job right.
  5. Ni siquiera quiero comenzar a decir que cosas evocan aqui cuando alguien dice Mago...
  6. people said "show me tricks now??"
  7. Frostnova, Deepfreeze, Icelance, Icelance, Icelance, Blink ;)
  8. Um.. normally carnival actually, at least, in my experience, carnivals, and weird stuff. (thats actually what they say, "Carnivals, and weird stuff!"
  9. "Oh you mean like Criss Angel or David Blaine . . ." That's a common response I'm sure a lot of us have heard before.
  10. When I hear that, I'm like :
  11. If we had a "Like" button, this would of been a perfect time to use it haha
  12. Haha, I just started watching the simpsons and I love it!
    anyways, don't want to get off topic. so, yeah, magic.. haha
  13. There have only been a few times I have had a laymen say anything to me after telling them I am a magician. They were all co-workers. These where their exact questions. First time - Can you float like the magicians on TV? Second time - Can you do magic like the guys on TV? Most recently - Do you do magic for birthdays? I also juggle, so thats where the last question came from.
  14. They think "Justin Morris".

    Well, that's the goal.
  15. Sighs in disappointment.
  16. What'd I do?
  17. You just discovered it now.

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