Magician's Attire: What do you wear?

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    What do you wear when you go out and perform magic? Do you wear a T- Shirt and Jeans? Do you wear a nice suite? Or do you get into your magicians costume and pull a rabbit out of your hat? I think that what a performers wear, might influence how a spectator remembers you. It might also determine if a spectator will want to see your magic. It also reflects your self esteam. If you dont respect your self, you cant expect spectators to.

    Here's what I wear depending on the situation...

    On the street- American Eagle/Holister Graphic T and Sleightly Torn Up Vintage Jeans
    On the stage- American Eagle/Holister Polo Shirt w/ Jeans w/ no holes or tears.

    I try to keep the vintage new age look because I gear my performances more towards teenagers and young people. So how 'bout you? What is your attire?
  2. It really depends when and who I am performing for.

    If it's a kid show, I wear black dress pants, a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a black vest and a black necktie (NOT bow)

    If it's impromptu, I'm probably wearing a polo with khaki shorts or jeans.

    If it's an upscale dress show, a full suit is in order. Charcoal.

    If it is a medium to upscale gig, then Jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and a striped casual blazer work for me, or a nice button down shirt.

    There are so many options, but remember that wardrobe does mean something. It can convey a first-impression, which as Steve has reminded us, is EXTREMELY vital to your success.

  3. I just wear my regular style of clothes, which in my case is the whole "skater" look, but that's about it, nothing special...
  4. I usually wear a regular white T and jeans with big/a lot of pockets. :)
  5. If I am performing on the street then I'll just go with a normal everyday person kind of look, except I'll the supplies I need in my coat, pants, or hoody pocket.
    However, if I'm performing on the stage I would dress nice with either a suit or nice long sleeve shirt. So I guess what I'm saying is just dress for the situation.

    If your going:

    On the street... dress normal.
    On the stage... dress nice with either a suit or nice shirt.
    At a wedding... dress like you would dress for family wedding
    For a party... dress casual unless asked to do different

    Basically be normal don't stand out.

  6. Usually when I get the chance to go out and perform for friends I'm wearing my everyday stuff. You know, boot cut jeans and an Affliction shirt or something. The glasses only come on when I' online. It seems that I don't do much sleeving considering that I rarely wear long sleeve shirts or jackets during this time of the year. However, this winter will be my first winter that I'll have known how to perform for my friends and family.

    Shane K.
  7. i wear a t-shirt, jeans, (almost every time unless i go to a wedding or something like that)
    sunglasses, a watch, and my eagle ring (every time)
  8. When performing profesionally I wear a nice button up shirt, jeans, and sometimes a fedora. Once and a while I will go all out and wear a grey vest and necktie over that.

    For everyday performances I just wear baggy jeans and a t-shirt.
  9. My modus operandi is to go one step above who I'm performing for.

    For casual performances, I'm normally in jeans/cargo pants and a tee with a short-sleeve shirt on top. In the summer, shorts all the way.

    *This is my main attire anyway, so it works well for me.

    For professional performances (paid gigs, parties etc.) normally a good pair of jeans, a tee and a blazer. A shirt on underneath on those occasions where you want something to wriggle in.

  10. Below is an old thread I made that I think will fit in well here.

    First Impressions, What does the world see when they see you?


    Last night I was having an in-depth, serious conversation with a good friend of mine from these forums. We spoke, surprisingly little, about magic. I had the night off and enjoyed a great time just chatting with my friend.
    Our conversation ended with first impressions. Later I thought to myself “What does a magician look like”? When the world hears “Magician” what image pops in their head?
    The Tuxedo and Top hat? Slick back jet black hair and piercing eyes? Or the Criss Angel look of a rocker?

    When people first see me they think “wrestler” or body guard, or anything else associated with being big. I was telling my friend I am often written off as being dumb jock at first glance.
    Typically, all preconceived notions vanish after the first trick I perform. In their minds I instantly become a “magician”. They see past the outward appearance, and their minds focus on the magic. I have had people on many occasions approach me at the end of a set and say “I never would have thought YOU were a magician”.
    When I am working a bar I tend to gravitate to people who are already having a good time. The louder they are the better. I do this for several reasons; I can gain a psychological momentum from their already jovial attitude. This gets me more in the mood to entertain. Also, I know I can get loud vocal reactions from this table, thus bringing attention to ME. Now everyone around is wondering what all the fuss is about.
    I have had so many of these people say “we thought you were the bouncer coming to throw us out”.
    I am sure many of the younger magicians struggle with people not taking them seriously simply because their age. At first glance, they see a “kid”. This used to really bother me when I was a “younger” magician.

    The hard truth is, we are a society that is full of false notions regarding appearances. Some of you may remember a recent post where I couldn’t offer a job to a magician because of his appearance. The world at large will apply stereotypes to people weather they are true or not. If our magic is strong, we can lay those things to rest. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Curtis “Miles of Magic”
  11. i usually were a long sleeve shirt and shorts becuase i dont perform tricks that you need jeans with cough sts cough i perform animated shoelace withc is sts in shorts and now im going to start to were my theory 11 t-shirt!!
  12. Street for me should seem spur of the moment, therefore I dress casually as opposed to stage in which I dress with more sofistication :).
  13. Tell you the truth... I wear nothing. :p
  14. lol i do that somtimes
  15. Or I go "commando" or "free ball" it. But that is when they MAKE me wear clothes.
  16. I used to go out in skinny jeans a nice small t-shirt, now since it's been summer and all, I try to wear a sweat shirt and shorts. I try to dress casual, not like a bum, but well enough so I'm comfortable, but don't look like a complete prude.

  17. Well I basically wear whatever I usually wear, which is a graphic T, dark-cloured to avoid showing invisible string if Im using it, and jeans because I'm in love with them and have awesome pockets for magic. But if I wanna use the Raven, I wear my AE button up and roll-up the sleeves. To look casual but then also have accesibility to the Raven and to show there's nothing up my sleeves =]

  18. basic clothes for me. nothing special. i like to seem "presentable"
  19. I don't do these because I don't, but these are tips.

    Restaurants - Dress nice, don't dress like me regularly. It doesn't attract. If you can wear a suit. Button up shirt and stuff like that. The only thing you should know is this, "Do not wear a tie, it can choke you while you perform. If you do want to wear a tie, get a tie cover. If you want to choke, do it in style!" - De'vo in XB.(Wasn't exactly right, but you get it)

    Street - Dress how you want. Wear a jacket with many pockets. One for a couple decks of cards, one for a gimmicked deck, another on inside (if there is) for a different gimmicked deck, and the other inside one for coins. Make sure the jacket has kinda big sleeves, if you intend on doing some coin sleeving, don't wear the jackets that have the elastic at the end of it, that makes it extremely hard.

    Add in ideas of what you want.
  20. I wear my everyday clothes, which is kinda grunge rock, I suppose.
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