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  1. I've just learnt the effect 'Even more four on the floor' from Full Metal Jacket and at the end of the effect it is possible that you may have to use a magicians force to get the spectator to pick the card you want them to.
    This is something i've never been very comfortable with, especially when there are 4 cards. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it more convincing?
    I don't want it to be like.. Spectator picks the wrong card, you say 'OK, we'll lose this one', they pick the wrong card again, you say 'OK, we'll get rid of this one as well'. Then, the third time they choose the right card and you say 'So you want this one?'
    It just seems very unconvincing and quite obvious what you've just done.
  2. Ask them to pick a number from 1, 2 or 3 - you then interpret that number depending on where the card is. If they say 3 and their card is on one of the other ends, just count from the opposite end to their card and pick it. Same for number one, go to the opposite end.

    If they pick 2, then either count across if their card is in the middle - if it's on one of the ends, count from one end, taking the two cards that you count. Then just ask them to pick one.

    I hope that made some vague sense, but seriously you just have to BS.
  3. I good way to do this is to have them touch any 2 cards. If they touch the force card, keep the two they are touching. If not, get rid of them. Then have them choose a last one, and get rid of it if it's not the force card, or keep it if it is.

  4. if there are 4 cards heres what i do:
    i tell them to hold out 2 fingers. then i tell them to put those 2 fingers on two cards. Leave them or discard them according to your needs. then tell them to put their fingers on the other 2 cards that are left. then tell them to lift one finger. discard or keep according to needs. and there you go!

    hope i could explain myself right, i had a very confusing day.


    Aw, David beat me to it!
    Even though mine is bit different.
  5. If you're trying to force one of four cards, one way is to tell the spectator, "Put your left hand on a card" (If it's the right one, effect over). If it's the wrong one, you instantly (and that's the key word, it has to sound like you were going to continue all along), say "Now put your right hand on another one." As you can see, you've now eliminated two of the four, either by keeping the two the spectator touched, or by keeping the other two. Now you're down to the simple position of forcing one of two cards.

    Damn, I've been beaten twice. Same principle but different presentation.
  6. What you could do is tell the spectator to put their hand like a fist then put the four cards between their index and middle finger (put the card you are forcing at the bottom of the bunch) now tell them to hold it not too tight or too losely, then what you do is hit the cards and usually there is one card in their hands which should be the bottom card.

    Hope this helps :)
  7. Henry Evans created this method I think, when I went to his lcture he said that.. just FYI ;)
  8. Nah, that method of presenting equivoque is common,
    If you are interested in learning more about equivoque you should look up some of Eugene Burger's material as he has many tricks and tips about using equivoque. Also try Max Maven and Simon Aronson.
  9. next time in school do a little test,put the number 3 on a piece of paper and ask someone to quickly think of a number from one to four. after they say 3 turn the paper over and show them thats what you wrote. after you feel confident enough put it to the cad routine.
    Why they always pick three?

    Its all in the wording, they are trying to pick the best number they could think of and in your sentence you named all the numbers but three.

    "Think of a number from One to four" what they hear subconsciously is "Think of a number from 1 ,2 ,4". the 3 is the number they did not hear thus making it the best number they will pick.

    on the very rare occasion they pick 2 count the cards from the other diction making the old third position the new 2nd position.
  10. Sneaky sneaky :)

    Never thought about that before. I'm gonna have to try that out.
  11. do it right now,who ever is in the room,just yell it out,no paper needed and post back. "Hey quickly think of a number from one to four". then tell them 3.

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