Magicians in California?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheJoo, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. any one here from california? let me know
  2. Pretty much.
  3. North Hollywood
  4. Sup, I am.:D
  5. any one know of a good magic shop in sothern CA the one i go to i think close down
  6. sac

    Im from Sacramento
  7. I know I'm in cali
  8. yup, I'm in california. Los Angeles to be exact...
  9. Pretty much everybody except for me. :(
  10. anyone in the inland empire but me?
    It looks pretty good by what they have on the website but its too far from me.
  11. im from cali wats up? hooly wood really but still
  12. Hmm for the people in Hollywood, do you guys attend the Magic Castle?
  13. Bay Area!! coming to Los Angeles soon for vacation and I want to go to Cal magic to see Joel Paschall.
  14. i am

    probably not a good idea to post what city im in on the internet, but im from union city.anyone around there?

  15. I'm from Newport Beach, CA but I'm also a junior member of the castle

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