Magicians in Ohio?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wZEnigma, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. I'm getting pretty bored with having no magician buddies. I'm from the Youngstown/Boardman/Alliance area and was wondering if any possible meetups could happen. I'm pretty devoid of magician friends so this would be nice.
  2. I know how you feel, I have like 1. And hes my boss (wtf?). Im in the Cleveland area.
  3. Arghh I too know the feeling I went to join the local magic club the other day and they said it isn't on anymore... Closest magician I know of is over 2 and a half hours drive away. Sorry I can't help, well I could if you wanted to travel half way around the world to meet me! :D
  4. Anth0ny and I are from Toledo, Oh. I recently met him on the forums and we have jam sessions every now and then. But I hear you, im in the same boat. But seeing as Youngstown is like 3 hours from T-town, meeting up is going to be tough. But if you're in the neighborhood, look me up!
  5. i totally feel you. i'm from a little north of dayton ohio which is like four hours away from youngstown.
    i don't have any magic friends to just jam and hang out with. it's lonely here. :/
  6. I'm around the Columbus area. there are a decent amount of magicians here, but i can never seem to find them. We do have a kick ass magic shop though and magi fest is here in February. Anyone around here?
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    Dude...I am in Louisville / Canton which is less than an hour from you. However...I am 31 with wife and kids so you probably don't want to come hang out with a married guy. Ha ha. How old are you?

    Don't you know that the ring I am in Canton, 243 and the Youngstown ring near you is huge. Both have over 20 magicians in them. You need to come to one of our meetings. The first 3 times you come is free...if you join.... the yearly membership is $25.00 Well worth it.

    We don't have one in December due to X-mas and too many of us have shows during December.

    The next one will be the last Wed. night in January. Our meeting is always the last Wed. of the month from 7:00 - 9:00 and then we normally head out to eat somewhere. is our club website

    Let me know if you are interested.

  8. Paper Crane is in Columbus Ohio.
  9. Well you want to hang out then?

    Reverhart: Yeah, Columbus is kind of a far stretch. And I'm 16, so yeah...

    I knew about the Youngstown ring but thought is was closed. IBM right? I just don't want to be the only guy my age in a group.

  10. Hey Scwagger, I travel to columbus on a regular basis for my business I own; what is the name of the magic shop there? I'll look it up on my GPS next time im in town. Maybe we could meet up and get some lunch or something and you can show me this place. They dont have much in ways of magic shops in Toledo.
  11. Hey Gavin I now reside in Columbus I'm on the road alot but you can hit me up here anytime. The shop is called Be Amazing and the owners name is Larry just a heads up. Peace!
  12. Paper Crane is always down to hang out. All the Ohio and midwest folks should have an Ohio meet up?
  13. I'm up for that! Got a lot of stuff to show people. That's a great idea.

  14. Enigma,
    I am not in Columbus. I am 45 minutes from you in Canton. The Youngstown ring is not closed. I do not know how many young guys are in it though.

    Our Canton IBM ring is about 25 strong and ranges anywhere between guys who are 80 to me who is 31. You would definitely be the youngest guy but might want to come check it out one night and at least see what it is like. Let me know.
    Shoot me a PM if you are interested but I see that you are 16. Would you even be allowed to drive to Canton and then stay out late til 11:00.

    You are allowed to bring a parent if you want. Some other kids who thought they might be interested brought a dad or mom or older brother with them.
  15. Ill let you know next time im heading to columbus, we'll see if our calendars line up; it'd be awesome to sit down with a rising star - same with the papercrane crew. And thanks for the shop, i'll be checking it out for sure. My team is mostly in the Dublin area, hopefully this shop isnt on the other side of I-270 lol

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