Magicians names starting with a "D"

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Nikhil Kumar, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Just a random thought but I have realized that so many magicians/flourisher's have their first name beginning with a "D"

    Post as many names you can think of..

    I'll Start you off;

    David Copperfield
    David Blaine

  2. This has been posted before and this topic has not become any more interesting or useful.
  3. dan and dave
    daniel madison
    daniel garcia
    but there are also magicians which names don't start with a d, justin miller, wayne houchin, criss angel (but I hate him), jonas christ (it's me), jason england, homer liwag etc.
  4. dan white
    dan hauss
    david stone
    de vo
    dan sperry
    doug mchenzie

  5. Daryl
    Doc Docherty
    David Williamson
  6. missing the obvious

    Dai Vernon (David Verner)
  7. Daniel Radcliffe.
  8. *Faceslap* @ Radcliffe.

  9. doctor daley, or however u spell it
  10. There's a thread similar to this on dananddave I think, there's absolutely loads of Dans and hundreds of Daves

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