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Magicians Wallet's

Sep 2, 2007
I want to perform the card to wallet routine, but am in need of a good wallet. There are so many out there I'm not sure which to buy. Any suggestions would be appreciated and if I need to use a sleight or not. I know of wallets that say 'no sleight of hand' and the signed card is in the wallet. Is this to be true or is some fishy moves going on?

I also actually own a hip style wallet, so I don't really want anything big or bulky that doesn not look like a true wallet that contains credit cards, money etc.

Thanks Scott.
Sep 1, 2007
I Want to know Wich Wallet to buy to, Anyone who Know information about wallets please comment the pro and cons of them. (Not only for card to wallet)


Elite Member
Oct 28, 2008
I bought the Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet and hated it just from the "looks like a wallet" standpoint. Because, it does not. The ability to get the card in there and display it was sweet, but it looked in no way like a real wallet. Just fyi. Hope you save some money from my mistake. I also own a "Real Man's" wallet. (I think thats what it is called) And it looks very legit. The move is a little funny and could be mastered I guess if you wanted to. I have found that Mercury folding a card, opening my Fossil wallet, sliding the bills out, reverse folding the bills, spreading the bills, and showing a card gets better reactions than either of the "magic" wallets I own. If there IS a good wallet out there though, I would love to hear about it.
I would say that a Jardonett wallet would suit you fine. google it. It is a cool effect where you lose a card in the deck. They look through and it is not in the deck anymore. You open your wallet which bursts into flames. You shut it and they extinguish you open the wallet and their card (can be signed) is in a zippered compartement. It is a real wallet and you are able to keep money and credit cards, etc. in it,

Dylan P.
I own a Jerry O'Connell Large Plus Wallet [which you can buy here] .I use it as my regular wallet type wallet. The thing is awesome. I was led to buy it after seeing Martin Sanderson perform his Card to Sealed Envelope Inside Wallet from his Ambitious Four Phase routine on the DVD Corporate Close-Up. (absolutely stunning routine by the way, Martin Sanderson is an awesome magician)

The wallets are expensive but the highest quality and are so simple to use. No fumbling or messing around, multiple ways to get the cards inside...brilliant.

Best wallet I've come across. I advise you to check that link. He has different styles of wallet available.

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