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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Toby, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I got my magicians wax couple of days ago. I ordered 4oz of SOFT magicians wax. However, it's hard as hell. It's like a rock in a plastic container. I actually need to use a tea spoon to scrape some of it off the top.

    Any advice on how to make my "soft" magicians wax actually SOFT?
  2. Melt it in a new container
  3. make your own wax using gulf wax (white hard) and a toiletbowl ring (dark brown very soft) mix them together and melt it
  4. Better yet, go to a crafts or fabric store and ask about Candle Mounting Wax... it's a small tab of sticky bee's wax that is used to make stick candles stand when sat on a flat display rather than a candle holder.

    You can also use the Blu-Tac type putty in many instances, which also comes in white & yellow these days, maybe even other colors.

    In a pinch you can always use Chapstick lip-balm and for that matter a small bit of chewing gum. . . but those are improvisational bits of business, not for regular use.

    Raw Bee's Wax is typically tacky and works quite well. It is what most companies use as a base when making most wax & lotion type products.
  5. i have braces and the wax they give me for them is perfect wax! I think you can buy some at your local walmart or whatever
  6. Maybe I sould mention, but I live in Serbia, and we don't have any of those products or stores... I actually went to a guy who makes candles, and even he couldn't help me (nor give me any type of soft sticky wax). So I'm pretty much stuck with this soft magicians wax, and I need to know how to use it/make it soft and sticky.
  7. You can still melt it down, right?
  8. Well, I could, but the container that it's in right now is just some thin plastic, and it's only half way full. So if I try to melt it with fire, I am pretty sure that the plastic container is going to melt also, which is not a good thing.
  9. double boil it

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