Magifest Pics - Josh and Andy Talking to the Youth

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RickEverhart, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. This one of the times I hate living in Germany ...
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  2. Hahaha
    I don’t live in Germany, but it’s quite the same for me. This is one of those moments when I want to live in the US.
  3. Yeah I guess I just don't realize how lucky I am to have two conventions that occur annually in my state. Definitely try to get to a convention when one comes nearby in your area. Even if you have to travel a bit. It's well worth it.
  4. Wow, it must be fantastic for you!
    In May there'll be a convention running parallel to the German Magic Championships, and I've been very fortunate to get a place with the "Work-Camp" (which basically means helping a few hours a day with some little things), so I can actually attend for free! I've hardly ever been this excited for anything! :)
  5. Andi is coming to lecture here next week. I'm hoping to see him, but tbh I'm not too familiar with his specific work.
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  6. He was just the behind the scenes guy with Josh who put on this fabulous weekend. I didn't actually get to see him perform nor did he that weekend. Let me know how it is. Please tell him I was at Magifest and it was outstanding.
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