Making a signed card appear in a impossible location

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am new to this forum so i don´t know if this have been a subject before so i appologize if that is the case.

    Anyhow, i am a newbie magician and have read most of Royal road to card magic, Mark wilsons complete course and started on Bobos modern coin magic, but i am looking for an certain effect and need some litterature or other guidance to help me out.

    The effect i am after is to have a card signed and reappear in a fruit or under a chair or something like that preferbly with a "free" choice of the medium the card then reappear.

    Stealing the card aint a problem its how to make the transfer to the "impossible location" i have trouble figuring out.

    Where can i find some tips and tricks for such an effect? Any good books out there that have any hints in the subject (i prefer reading)?
  2. There are probably thousands of variations of this type of effect, using everything from a little sleight of hand to high tech machinery, costing $5-$1000s. So I'll just give you a couple that I like and use.

    The first one that comes to mind, that doesn't use anything but sleight of hand, is Paperclipped by Jay Sankey. The signed card ends up in a paperclip that has been in full view the whole time.

    Another one would be Angle Z by Daniel Madison. You rip a corner off of a card and the corner disappears and ends up just about anywhere you can think of. This one doesn't use a signed card though.
  3. Welcome to the forums and welcome to magic! You are off to a good start with RRTCM, Mark Wilson's Complete Course and Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.

    Let me start with a bit of theory. First off, if the selection seems fair to the spectators, the card doesn't need to be signed. As magicians, we seem to want to dispel methods that we know could be used. We think that if we can come up with the method, so can the spectators. That isn't necessarily the case.

    Secondly, there are trade-offs in the design of any effect. You can have a method where an unsigned card appears in a fruit that you've never touched or a signed card appears in a fruit or box that you've touched or where you have to touch the signed card before the spectator opens it up. In the design and presentation, you have to minimize the elements you don't want the audience to remember and maximize the elements that you want them to remember ("I never touched the fruit" or "the card is signed.").

    You can design your own routine based on some basic principles:

    In Mark Wilson's book, check out:

    Torn and Restored Card - page 42 (a method of identifying the card)
    Instant Transpo - page 110 (way to deceive spectator)
    Bill in Lemon - page 230 (do with card using identification method for Torn and Restored Card)
    The Chapstick Caper - page 498 (same)

    In Royal Road, check out page 82 (way to acquire signed card) and page 216 (way to deceive spectator)

    In Expert Card Technique (a great but inexpensive book you should have) check out Chapter 8 "Discoveries" which includes a Card to Shoe and Mercury's Card (card to coin purse) and the accompanying Mercury's Card Fold. Those are the basics of what you need to do the effect.

    Tommy Wonder's Books of Wonder Volume 1 has his amazing signed folded card to ring box routine (performance videos are available on YouTube). His card fold is a variation of Mercury's Card Fold. The book is worth it just for that, but everything else in the book is amazing (twice as amazing if you get both Volumes).

    L&L's World's Greatest Magic has a video on Bill in Lemon which has a version with a signed bill and a version with a card (I don't think the card was signed though). Again, more information that you can adapt to develop your own routine.
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  4. Hi guys and thanks for the replies!

    First, thanks for the tips on paperclip and angel Z I will check them out, I am more prone to sleigth of hand. I have nothing against gimmicks but I belive that it`s better to try and learn the no gimmick way first in the long run.

    To realityone, I really like your answer! You´r pointers in theory really made me think.
    I have tried a few Mark Wilsons trick you suggest, I did the bill in lemon method but with an orange and a forced card instead and it really amazed, and I would like to take it a step further.

    I´m gonna read your suggestions and it´s funny you suggest expert card techniqe, I order it a week ago so it´s really funny that you would suggest just that book.

    I really appriciate the respons, if anyone have more suggestions, just keep em coming .

  5. Neither of those tricks use gimmicks. That's why I recommended them.

    They are 2 that I use all the time. Super simple. And super strong.
  6. I didn’t mean that they did, I liked your suggestion just because of that. Sorry for my lack of communication :)

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