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  1. I have seen a lot of different business cards on these forums. However, I do not know how to make them. I was just thinking, can you guys give me a heads-up on what programs to use and how to print them and all that.
  2. microsoft publisher

  3. Just go to Vista print. You can get 250 for free and the designs are pretty good. You can also pay and get some glossy ones.
  4. Vista Print -
    The above site has a few cool designs that you can pick and choose from. Just adding on the cmak15's post.

    Personally, I use Photoshop CS for all of my graphics work, including business cards. It's a great program, and can be easily used by beginners or experts alike.
  5. A few suggestions: The Gimp (for those who want a Photohop-like program, but want it for legally for free), Photoshop, and PaintShopPro (I used to use this a long time it even still around? I liked it because it was easier to use than Photoshop, although a little bit limited in comparison to what it could do (not that it really matters to most users, because the differences only really became apparent when doing some pretty intricate/advanced things)). :)
  6. I use ubuntu, so everything is free. I use a program called G labels.
    If any uses ubuntu just run command
    sudo apt-get install glabel
  7. Personally i use pages, if you've got a Mac i highly recommend it.
  8. I work for Apple and i will always suggest pages but I also like You can upload a bunch of images for the back and they are reasonably priced. As opposed to vistaprint, doesn't advertise on the back.
  9. I've read too many bad things about Vistaprint. I eventually gave up and got some of the nicer DIY blanks. The ones that don't leave perforations along the sides.

    I have a couple of logos designed in POV-Ray, and used Gimp for the rest of the layout. The blanks came with software that worked out the rest of the logistics.

    Thanks for the link to Moo, vintage. That site seems a little better than most I found.

    get them printed at very professional quality, great service, and very cheap for the amazing quality of card stock etc that you get...

    i use photoshop, you can check out some designs at:

  11. Gotpint seems to be a good one but i cannot use it. It does not support my country, although it supports the country right next to me.

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