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  1. If you have created a flourish yourself, would it be wrong to make a tutorial on it, if it involves concepts already taught by someone else? eg DL or sybil etc?
  2. I'd say as long as it's not a copyrighted move then it'd be ethically OK. In my eyes, anyway.
  3. i don't think that you can copyright a move.... si it's not against the law to teach it...
  4. honestly, most tutorials made by n00bs suck really bad, like "oh my god I figured out a way to make a sybil cut with an extra packet, I named it Synergistic Teletubbie HotPocket"

    why don't you instead, make a video with a whole bunch of your awesome, mildly original material, and then if any moves actually stick out as having that "WOW" factor, lots of people will comment on it, and THEN you might want to consider making a tutorial for it.
  5. It wouldn't be wrong if...

    It wouldn't be wrong if they're not the EXACT same moves. Like if you created a cut of some sort and you started with a sybil and then did your own moves for the rest of the cut, that'd be okay. but like you can't teach someone else's cuts or flourishes that they came up with; at least not without their permission.
    And im sure it would be ok to teach like card springing and like a thumb fan tutorial.
  6. In Pandora, Dan and Dave teach their own parts of the cut, then when it comes to Tornado, etc, they don't go indepth into it, by simply demonstrating how it fits into the cut. They added something like "Execute Tornado by Ashford Kneitel" or something along those lines.

    Perhaps that would be a good guide to follow?
  7. yea, telling how to do someone elses cut is wrong. Saying to do someone elses cut is right. ^^.
  8. I agree %100

  9. Could be the best name I ever heard;)
  10. Not as good as Saddarmspread Hussein.

    Anyway, if it uses, say, five faces of sybil, then just say 'execute five faces f sybil and teach the rest. You can learn anything (almost) from jut a performance video alone, so just showing the cut in regular speed is ethically right (or so I believe). A great example is David Blanch's Baby leno Tut in MW part 3. I suggest you check it out.
  11. I agree... If you submit a flourish video or demo of your cuts and watched by other cardist, they will demand for a tutorial if the cut that you made is good.. But I think It's ok to submit a tutorial if you only want to share your simple knowledge, yet creative..

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