Manipulating the boxed deck -- can you make it cool?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by richard, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. I've had the responsibility of looking over cardistry media submissions for nearly 2 years now, first on Decknique and now heading up cardistry submissions on theory11. That means daily looking over videos... the good ones, the great ones, the not so good ones, and the just really bad ones.

    Over time I see a lot of the same stuff, and things get repetitive. Sometimes I see things that are just plain bad.

    But people don't always know, there were never really any of these "common guidelines" set in place. Like getting out of your room.

    Another one of these things is manipulating the boxed deck just because it's easy. I'm not going to repeat the huge rant here, but you can click that link to read about it.

    But I could be wrong, which is why I opened a challenge to see if you can prove me wrong. I'll give you a couple of free decks if you manage it. Check that link for more details.

    NOTE: This is NOT theory11 official and I didn't pass this through them. This is just something I thought on my own time. I write these things so that people can keep them in mind next time they make a submission (chances are if it goes against something I wrote about in my blog it won't be accepted here), and also will help to improve a facet of their repertoire.

  2. I am guilty.

    I'll play around with that idea a little bit, not that I'll eventually get around to creating anything amazing. Well, I might.
  3. What exactly are you looking for?

    Manipulting the card box as in flourishes?
    Im not a flourisher, so I cant do that, unles you're just asking for us to do soemthing cool with the card box, then i can think of some cool stuff..

    So what are you looking for?
  4. Notice which forum this topic is lying in.
  5. Well no **** it's in this forum,'d expect it to be in the MAGIC forum? Or how about the COIN magic forum?

    Still didnt answer my question...
  6. Hey Rich don't you think your massive picture of yourself should include you doing some sort of flourish or something, like a fan or an armspread at least? otherwise it kind of scares me every time I check out the blog there's like this HUGE RICHARD staring at me :eek:

    @ darosa.justin, yes, he wants you to do some coin magic with it.
  7. Yes

    I love the idea and will post a video in the next day or too I have some stuff on youtube from some of the handlordz/superhandz stuff I got into. The thing I really like about in the box stuff is you never have to open the box and you are already demonstrating your ability/skill with a deck of cards. Just wait until I open this box than things will really get crazy.:cool:
  8. hey Richard I just read moer of your blog, the new look of it is great, good changes! lots of good reading on there.

    when you were talking about Jerry's routine though you were incorrect... you referred to a "deck twist" routine which is actually the "Twist Cut" routine. Also, the "regripping of the deck" contact juggling routine you're alluding to is called the "Still Deck" routine.
  9. Sounds interesting, maybe I'll take you on the challenge if I got the time. Uncut routine boxed deck? Great idea.
  10. Have another look, it's in the Cardistry/Flourishing forum, what do you think?
  11. Boxed XCM

    Here is something I put together for all of you at T11 whenI was just chilling at home. I only had the time to shot it once without practice so it is a little rough. Hope you all enjoy. Please give me your honest opinions about all aspects of the video.:D


  12. That was quite sexy, rofl nice job loved it 5/5
  13. Yup, we got our first winner. There's one more prize left.

    But everybody interested in cardistry should be trying this out anyways.
  14. are you being serious?
  15. Yes. I'm not saying you should be trying to submit an entry for the challenge, but it's something that's definitely worth experimenting with if you're into cardistry. When you get into a performance opportunity, chances are at some point you will have to show the box (to take the cards out), and then put them back in later. It's something that will add to your repertoire for the better.
  16. I can see the appeal of actually manipulating the box it is just a little strange. Well acttually no, that's not true. MAybe i should just try it out. I suppose it will just add to your repotoire like you said Richard.
  17. Strangely people are still doing moves that are possible without the box. Is there even a deadline on this thing? Oh well my thing should be done this Sunday anyway. Although there is no formality in this challenge so I guess it's acceptable.
  18. Just as long as you submit your video before somebody else impresses me :)

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