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  1. I know we've beaten this issue to death about whether or not this guy is legit, and everyone has an opinion, but honestly, i wanted to post his newest vid to get some comments. Can we honestly say that this looks legit? I understand how he controls the card to the top, and he could possibly be turning over a double, but in that action of turning the double he is somehow palming off the second card as he goes to the pocket???? I REALLY DOUBT THAT, but what do you guys think?
  2. ive said it once and i'll say it again. Real, fake or magic.... the man knows how to hype his stuff. I dont really care if its fake, or real. If you ignore him,eventually he will stop being relevant and therefor cease to be an issue.
  3. How can any "magic" be "real"? Isn't it the effect that is important. The feeling that the spectators are left with, whether they watch a video or see it live, is the important thing..... right?

    Lies, tricks, sleight of hand, stooges, false claims, camera tricks, editing. Any of these tools, and even more expedients are all just tools a magician can use to make an audience feel wonder... or astonishment... or whatever you are going for.
  4. I don't really see which part of this trick is confusing you guys, it seems like everyone here has the capability to pull this one off. Can someone please further elaborate?
  5. And by elaborate I mean, elaborate more on which part if confusing them
  6. It is legitimate in that there are no camera tricks or editing. The method is magic, but it is not the method is not what you are thinking.
  7. well im guessing that there are dupes in his pocket and he must have some kinda crimp or a breather or something to be able to flip the right card. Im not saying that using a dup isnt legit for a good effect, but i just think that with all his claims of original magic, that anyone can force a card and pull a dup outta there pocket. LAME
  8. That is along the lines that I was thinking (with some different ideas about how to accomplish finding the right card to flip over).

    I think I misread your initial post (or missed the last 10 words) and was thrown by the "I understand how he controls the card to the top" comment. There is no card control or slight of hand here, other than forcing the correct card on himself.
  9. his card thru window is a fake. just saying
  10. Your initial claim was that he palmed it off, yet he snaps his fingers and there is nothing to see in the windows between them. So I'm guessing that you changed your assumption now to this? This one seems more logical, seeing as how no one could palm that cleanly.

  11. Yes that's my whole point. For those of you who are not familiar with this guy or the previous threads about him and wether or not he uses camera edits and other lameness, this was just a continuation of those arguements. So i posted the link to his latest vid because to me it proves that his tricks, at least some of them, are not real sleight of hand or what not. He never claims that he palms the card, but in some of his other vids they seem WAY to clean or impossible and he argues that they are legit.
  12. what i meant to say was i understand how he COULD control the card to the top.
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  14. I don't think this is the place to be openly trying to figure other's effects out, guys. He didn't event the effect, anyways. Look at the discription
  15. WHy are you guys going against everything we believe in as a WHOLE? Why try to figure out tricks? THis is exactly what you're doing. Just trying to figure out the method like most spectators we encounter. Who cares if it's real or fake, it's a video. everything can be faked and we can only assume everything is fake
  16. I agree with Will, here... you shouldn't be discussing this on an open forum to begin with, let alone trying to opening discuss how it('s) (could) be done.

    Also, what's the big deal with Mark's effects? Yes, they're amazing, but what are you trying to get out of saying his effects are edited or fake? It seems you really enjoy his videos, why else would you search and watch his videos?
  17. Wow. Let me put this nicely . . . you guys are jerks. Even if it was editing (which I think it's not) it's really jerk like to try to pick his tricks apart on a public forum; that HE is a member of. Wow. 'Nuff said.
  18. Good point my friend. I don't know guys, Mark gives some pretty good advise on how to deal with hecklers. If you guys haven't checked it out, please check out his channel on youtube, before passing any judgement over him. He also seems to have a very strong stance as to who can really call themselves a magician, pretty much black or white, nothing in between. It's an opinion but he backs it up.

    I don't really care if he's a fake or not, I'm just glad to be able to hear about his opinion on magic and what direction magis should take to further the art. He seems to have good insight into the psychology of hecklers and as well as magicians since he's able to solicit pages of responses from many magis on these forums.
  19. If you really watched all last 20 seconds, annotations enabled, you would've known we actually hired and paid someone to do that for us. And everyone absolutely loved it: :)

    Sorry, I can't hold myself back from saying this, but how does this thread's title include any doubt? xD

    As for the effect, 'City Of Paris', we have had numerous people -mostly if not all magicians- saying it was fake, yet we didn't write anything in the description saying the effect was actually clean or pure sleight of hand, like we do whenever it actually is and whenever we think the video includes enough evidence to actually prove that (this video didn't, and I only uploaded it because my camera broke and it was one of the few things left).

    Saying it's fake is exactly the same as saying the art of magic is fake as a whole. If that's the case, then what are you doing in these forums? Just saying.;)

    And all of you who try to figure out these things in public are breaking the magician's code, and if you're right or wrong, that doesn't matter, you still do.

    Thanks for the interest though, and for the support of some of you.:)

    PS: I'm not upset in the fact people call me a fake, feel very pleased to continue doing that. But I'm highly disappointed in the fact that magic forums and their magicians (at least, about half of them if not a majority) tend to ruin the art. For the Lord's sake, stop that!

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