Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had this book and if it was good for someone that is more intermediate to advanced in magic. I also wanted to know if they have alot of other things in this book other than card magic and coin magic. I have tried finding a description of the tricks you learn in it but cannot find any. Any help would be appreciated greatly!
  2. i do not recommend this book for intermediate to advaned magicians because its simple things, unless y ou want sponge balls and billard ball routines, then dont get it.
  3. Worst recommendation I've ever heard.

    Mark Wilson's is extremely comprehensive. It's the most bang for 20 bucks you're ever going to get. Cards, coins, sponges, balls, illusions, mentalism, ropes, it's all there.

    Those who would wave the material off as being too simple are blind. Half the comedy act I did through 2008 was culled from that book. It's on my required reading list for all magicians regardless of skill level.
  4. Agreed. If you can't appreciate the material in Mark Wilson, I'd venture to say you're not experienced enough in magic to appreciate it. It's considerably steeper here in Australia (found it for $50 - don't have the money yet) but I've been buying a fair few books lately so it won't be on the shelves for much longer.
  5. I would highly recomend this book if you are going to buy a book.

    If you are an intermediate to advanced person, why don't you have this book?

    The tricks taught arn't dated by any means. Furthurmore it will give you a small step up from closeup to parlor.
  6. One of my favorite books that I continually look back to for ideas and to refresh my memory of all of the various types of magic. Definitely well worth the 20 bucks I paid for my copy.
  7. I agree, This was one of my first grown up magic books, got it YEEARRRRS ago - the small cube shaped version for about £5 from a discount book store!!

    It's got some very cool things in there, yeah, it's got basics, but the idea is that it's a COMPLETE course.

    I just picked up my copy yesterday to have a look thru infact..

  8. sorry magicfeak667 but when i saw your post i disregarded it and bought it anyways....i also picked up the mongolian pop knot! I am trying to steer away from cards and coins and looking to do more parlour work. Thanks everyone that responded to this!

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