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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sean S.(8), Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I'm thinking of making a bit of chump cash and I'll be selling a Madison Players marked deck and a Red JAQK on eBay, sealed and new condition. What range of monetary value should I expect this time of the year? I don't believe either can be really purchased here anymore.
  2. there's a deck of Madison Players on eBay for $28 and red JAQK's for $45 neither of which have any bids on them so it doesn't look like there is a huge demand for them at the moment

    On another note, I have a BRAND NEW sealed blue JN that I got from Lee Asher in 2010, including certificate. Would I get a better margin from that? I'm kind of holding it off for the time being to let it age like fine wine
  4. I don't know what JN stands but really a couple of searches through google should give you all the info you need. Just remember there often is a difference between what people are saying things are worth and what they actually sell for. Posting on forums people will often say a deck is worth more than they actually sell for. You can find a lot of things that sit on the auction sites with no bids because their perceived value is higher than the actual demand

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