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  1. If you are like me and are interested in trying to get data about the magic community because you want to sell a magic effect you might have found that finding out what the magic community is interested in is kind of difficult. I've been doing card magic for about six years and I am now working on gathering data to teach people on how to get through the basics of magic in a steady progressive state.
    With this in mind I would love it if you would help myself and anyone else out there interested in this data by taking this quick 15 minute long (maximum) survey on what you are interested in when it comes to learning magic. In a couple of weeks, I will be posting the results from this project that my fellow students and I at Northeastern University have collected from this forum and in other sources.

    P.S. I wasn't 100% sure where to post and seemed like the best place. This seemed like the best place to post.
  2. Just from my own personal experience, I have learned (at least on the marketplace) that full length routines don't do as well as quick and visual effects. Something that looks "Cool" that you can learn quickly and perform with minimal presentation seems to do better on the marketplace.

    Also, Cardistry tutorials tend to be very popular as well!

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